JuniorSlim Testimonials

Herbal supplement to support a healthy diet for kids and weight loss in children.

My son Chad... became the object of teasing and bullying because of his size, and I could see this was affecting his self-esteem. I didn’t want him to be a fat child who would grow to become a fat and unhealthy adult, so I decided to take action. JuniorSlim was the best choice I could have made. We began to monitor his diet a bit more closely and provided healthy options for school lunches. Within weeks he was more energetic and seemed happier ...I have recommended JuniorSlim to some other moms who are concerned about their kids putting on weight and everyone has been very impressed. - Janet F.
Unfortunately, my 11 year old twin girls have picked up on their parents’ bad lifestyle habits, and their lack of exercise and poor diet began to take a toll on their health and young figures. At the age where all their friends were becoming aware of clothes and boys, my two girls became withdrawn and I knew it was because of their weight. We bought JuniorSlim and also began to eat more healthily at home. The changes have been astounding ...This has given them confidence and set my mind at rest about their health in the future. JuniorSlim is an excellent product! - Cheryl and Steve
I just want to tell you that JuniorSlim worked very well... I am so happy because now I can also do gymnastics like my friends, and I don’t get tired like I did before. - Candice (Age 9)