BaniFlu Testimonials

Natural homeopathic alternative to the flu vaccine to prevent the flu and its common symptoms.

Last year, I had a conventional flu shot before winter and had some nasty side effects. This year I ordered your product, and what a difference! Wish I’d known about this years ago!!! — Simon J.
I absolutely hate needles. I won’t go near a doctor for a shot or vaccination. With winter coming up, I was getting anxious that I should do something to help my body prepare – then I saw this!! THANK YOU for something that doesn’t leave me feeling queasy, or require me to break out into a cold sweat beforehand! — Anya
My doctor insists that I have a shot every fall, but this year I decided to try a natural alternative. Thanks for giving us some options!!! — Rolf
Simply great. No fuss, no pain -- just dissolves under the tongue. Thank you! — Lesley
“I always catch the Flu each year from my son. This year at 14 years old he got a bad flu strain from school, I had taken the BaniFlu a month earlier and I never caught the Flu from my son. This was a Miracle. Thanks. ” — Gina, GA, USA