Infant Massage Oil Testimonials

Natural infant massage oil to calm fussy, crying newborns while providing a bonding experience.

My little daughter really dislikes bath time and I had been battling to get her settled after every disastrous bath. There was just no way she was going to sleep after that - she would fuss for an hour or two after her bath no matter what! A friend of mine suggested I massage her and made specific mention of your website and your baby massage oils. I thought it sounded like a lovely idea and it really has turned out to be the answer I was looking for. My daughter really relaxes when I or her dad massage her and it's actually quite fun for us as well. We started with the Infant Massage Oil and now that she's a bit older we use Blissful Baby Massage Oil. This has a lovely smell and makes me feel just as calm and relaxed as her! - Sam K.
Thank you for your lovely Infant Massage Oil and the advice on massaging babies. Although I was nervous at first, I have found massaging my new daughter, Jodie, a most valuable and rewarding experience. Being unable to breastfeed, I really craved physical contact with her and massage is something that both my husband and I can do. Jodie seems to enjoy it very much as well. Many thanks for the lovely products and good advice! - Tessa, Marc and Jodie