Focus ADDult Testimonials

Natural remedy to help maintain calm nerves during tests so you can uphold academic performance.

[Focus ADDult] has helped extremely since I have gotten it. It took about two weeks for major results to show up in my behavior and concentration. I now can easily relax and study without the discomfort of other things on my mind. I am more calm now and can take tests more pleasantly. I really recommend Focus ADDult! It's honestly a life savior for me! I can finally get the grades I want. Thank you Native Remedies. - Lindsey, CA, USA
I am truly thankful to have found this site. I have a 16-year-old who was failing…all her classes since the 6th grade. In search of all-natural remedies, I stumbled across this site and decided to order the Focus ADDult for her and my 13-year-old, who is also having trouble with his grades. He went from [an] A-B honors student in elementary school to [a] C-D student in middle school. I started both on the Focus ADDult…. My daughter went from D's and F's to A's and B's. [I’m] very impressed. My son went to A's, B's, & C's…. I will be ordering the BriteSpark to go along with the Focus ADDult. Thanks a million…. - Vernice, SC, USA
I just wanted to thank you, thank you, thank you for your Focus ADDult. I have a child (12-year-old 6th grader) …My daughter has been taking your Focus ADDult for about 5-6 weeks, and she has not one failing grade …on her report card. Her last report card had 3! All her grades are up to C's. She feels good about herself and doesn't say anything about drinking her "smart water" every day. I'm also thankful you have the drops, as she has trouble swallowing pills. The drops have rescued her. Thank you so much! - Vickie, TN, USA
I want to thank you for your prompt response and also tell you that I am having excellent results with Focus ADDult... I've tried a multitude of vitamins/minerals/herbs to feel better (I take about 25 pills a day). Not to say that they haven't not helped, but nothing has ever helped me the way your remedies have, and in such a short time. I'm almost thinking it's too soon and not possible, but the proof is in my renewed vigor and strength. It's truly amazing... I just really wanted to pass along to you that what I had thought was out of reach is no longer! My mind is clearer than it's been, and I have real energy for the first time in years. I'm working on projects I'd set aside, and completing projects I never had the energy - or motivation - to complete. It is truly amazing. I keep wondering if it's truly real, and how it's possible that after a few days of taking Focus ADDult, I achieved something I'd searched years for. THANK YOU. - I.M., NV, USA
I have been reborn due to herbal and meds and launched a creative side I never new I had. - Ron, USA
My whole life I struggled… When I was a kid I was classified … and was placed in remedial education. However, with my strong worth ethic and determination I was placed in AP and Honors classes. Even though, I made outstanding improvement, my focus and disorganization really affected me. When the product arrived two days ago, I took it before a math study group and my friends were alarmed of how fast I grasped topics and how focused I was. After only two days the results have been amazing. I have already finished two chapters in one of my AP classes. I find that I am drinking coffee a lot less, and I am calmer in general. With a combination of self-discipline, work ethic, positive emotions and product support from Native Remedies, I can finally reach my main goals. If all goes well, I plan to purchase some more product! Thank you Native Remedies! - David, NY, USA
Good Morning, I am a customer … and also a life coach ...I have found that using your products and about 4 to 6 coaching sessions really makes a big difference for the adult …sufferer. (I believe in natural remedies because I have always been a person that will experience every side effect possible :)) I have also worked with some …teenagers to help them get school under control, but as far as the younger children, it seems to help more if the parents get a hold of what is going on, so that they can positively influence their child’s surroundings. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for the articles and the great products for my health and those of my clients. If you ever need some info for an article on the combination of natural remedies and life coaching, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to give you all the expertise I can. This coaching/natural remedies combination works well for weight loss as well. - Ilsa O., CA, USA
“I completely believe in this product. …. Since learning about Focus ADDult, and combining it with another "Native Remedies" herbal supplement, his attitude has significantly improved, and his teachers have noticed a huge change in class. Thank You, thank you, thank you..."” - Convinced Mom, CA, USA
“I have been struggling. Struggling with a capital S. I love life so much. I always have. And lately, it has felt like torture. The more I learn and realize how severely if effects me, the more frustrated I get that I can't do anything about it. I have been COMPLETELY against prescription drugs for my entire adult life... I'm 24 years old and I just found this product right now! I can't even order it right now because I actually lost my wallet yesterday (go figure). I'm in a library and if I wasn't I would call someone and beg them to order it for me right now. I can't wait to try this. I feel less stressed about everything already..just reading what everyone has to say. Hits home.... thanks.”

- Rex, GA, USA

“…When [my son] was 11 years old and beginning middle school (that's 6th, 7th & 8th grade out here) it was like the body snatchers came. He went from being a straight A & B student to a student that rarely did any work at all. He didn't pay attention in class and was neglectful of his responsibilities at home, all of which kept him in trouble with us. So he grew angry, resentful, …[sad] and even thought about suicide from time to time… His grades started slipping...his attitude began to suffer... Several months ago I came across Native Remedies web site somehow and decided to order the BrightSpark… and Focus ADDult for after. In March, my husband had a heart attack (he's only 42) and we began making a lot of lifestyle changes…He has been taking the drops after breakfast and after dinner since the middle of April. He started improving soon after starting the drops and within a week or two he was back to being the student his teachers knew and loved and his attitude was better at home. Now it is June and though he'll only be a Freshman in high school next year, our boy is taking summer courses in math and English at the local community college to get ahead a bit and to get dual credit for college and high school. He's motivated, his attitude is great (for a teenager anyway) and I don't have to worry him taking medications that could be bad for him in the long run. Even if you're skeptical...give it a try...the risk of losing a little money (it really isn't that much money) is nothing compared to what you have to gain if it works for you or your child. I waited far too long... Sincerely.”

- Gina, AZ, USA

“... I was skeptical at first about Focus ADDult, as I've tried many herbal remedies before with varying results - usually subtle results… I have to say that I have noticed a difference in my ability to focus on my studies when I take this blend of herbs. It's real too. I don't feel anything, like I'm buzzing or racing, all I know is that focusing on the task at hand is easier and I don't get distracted anywhere near as easily as I'd been just prior to trying this. The norm for me was about 5 minutes of studying and about 5 minutes distraction. Now I can keep at what I'm doing for hours now with only minimal, resistible, distractibility. I'm going to order another bottle now.”

- Jackie, RI, USA

“This product is great. Love it!!!!!!!”

- Teresa J., USA

“My son (12yrs) has been struggling with his grades for several years. I've had him tested for many learning …[problems] all the tests came back negative. I knew he was smart, but he just couldn't seem to concentrate on his schoolwork. That all changed when I received Focus ADDult. I know your ad says it will take about 3 weeks to notice a difference, but I'm telling you, the difference was instantaneous. We received the product on a Thursday evening and on Friday he had a big Science test. After taking your product, he got an A on the test. I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but every test he has taken since taking the Focus ADDult have been A's and B's. This has literally changed our lives (not to mention his self-esteem). He no longer minds doing homework and he actually stays focused the entire time. I cannot thank you enough for your product and I will definitely be a life-long customer. Thank you!!”

- Debbie, GA, USA

“…I switched to the Focus ADDult and Brain Tonic for about a month now, and it works. I use it 1-2 times daily, but most of the time, it is 1x daily. I have to say that if I don't take the Focus ADDult with the Brain Tonic, it doesn't work quite as well. Perhaps it is because the Focus ADDult helps me to focus, whereas the Brain Tonic is nutrition for the brain. I recommend anyone who purchases the Focus ADDult also purchase the Brain Tonic as well.”

-Duke, AZ, USA

“I found your web site just by searching & ordered Focus ADDult, I have been taking it every day. Am I imagining things or am I more alert & focused these days? I seem to have more energy; my paper work is all up to date, what's happening? I seem to have a clear head!”

- Amanda, Suffolk, UK

“I always try to use homeopathic remedies when possible, and will likely turn to Native Remedies in the future. I've already recommended the Focus ADDult to friends and the head of our Special Ed Department at the school in which I work, and she's very interested in passing this information on to other families…I feel confident in recommending this product as my own son has been doing so well with it in a short period of time. His "D" average in reading comprehension has changed to an "A" average in the span of 2 weeks. He's participating fully in classes, and not avoiding his responsibilities or hiding out in the bathroom during challenging classes. An added plus is that he doesn't start each day crying, begging not to go to school because "it's torture"! He actually came home one day last week saying that he likes school better now (I completely attribute it to the Focus ADDult). He's very happy to be succeeding in school, and we are happy for him. Thanks for an effective, natural product that truly makes a difference in people's lives.”

- Stephanie, CA, USA

“I started with Focus ADDult and immediately felt better…I will swear by this stuff! I feel more mentally alert and it is not my imagination. I have also recently purchased MellowPause and have immediately felt the difference. I highly recommend these products. They work!!!”

- Sharon C., WV, USA

“For a long time my 14 year old son struggled in school and it wasn't so much that his grades were bad, it was the fact he would get bored and lazy. He turned his attention towards doing things that disrupted class which rewarded him with being marked down. He began to lose interest in school and didn't care anymore…Well to this day, his teachers are stunned!! Where did this kid come from they ask me? These are the same educators that told me my son was not "A" material. He hasn't received a perfect 4.0 but at least he has been able to add a few A's to his report card. I try to tell the world about what Focus ADDult has done for me… My fight goes on to help anyone that will listen to this great testimony of my son. I am so thankful to native remedies and I'm very proud of my son!! Success breeds Success!!!”

- Mandy K

“I ordered Focus ADDult for my daughter who has...[concentration problems]…She is on her 2nd bottle of Focus ADDult and has been having great results!!! Thank you!”

- Gary P.

“Wish I had this years ago! Focus ADDult has been a life and work saver!”

- Diana N.

“I love this product. It has helped me so much!”

- Teresa T.

“I was diagnosed by the college psychologist…three weeks ago…I ordered the Focus ADDult and have…noticed an even clearer outlook and better concentration, and this has just been 4 days.”

- Kathleen H.

“I will continue with [Focus ADDult] because of the positive results I see others are having. Wish me luck!!!”

- Mara, MA, US

“[Focus ADDult] works wonderfully! My Family thanks you!!!!!!!!!!”

- Anne, USA

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