Focus Formula Testimonials

Herbal remedy with herbs to support mental focus, concentration and attention span.

“We began giving our 8-year-old son BrightSpark and Focus Formula… We are pleased that he has had no side effects from either of these products. We have seen marked improvement at home with his behavior and with his ability to be more focused. His teachers have also noticed improvement at school. We would highly recommend using this product…” - Kristen, USA
“I have a 4-year-old son who….was having trouble in preschool and not absorbing information. As a parent, I…sought out a…natural alternative.  After starting Focus Formula, he is behaving. He is absorbing the material and has showed no signs of side effects or adverse reactions. I give all glory first and foremost to God, but I thank your company for developing something that works.” - Lanette Gresham, CA, USA
“We have been using it for six weeks and it has made a difference. My daughter is holding her grades steady and participating in class. She is excited to go to school now and doesn't complain that it is hard.” - Tracee C., AZ, USA
“I have been taking this product for over a year now. I love it. I don't notice the difference when I take it, but I sure do notice the difference when I don't.” - Lori, USA
“I started two of my four boys on Focus Formula and BrightSpark and PureCalm 8 weeks ago. I have noticed it has helped, though it was not enough for my 11-year-old, who has hyperactivity, impulsiveness and [concentration issues]…. My 6-year-old has been doing better as well on BrightSpark, PureCalm and Focus [Formula]. It helps him while he is attending his kindergarten class. Thank you Native Remedies! I just reordered today.” - A. Smith, VA, USA
I struggled greatly with my oldest son's [attention problems]. Not only as parents did we not want to put him on prescription meds, but his counselor didn't either. Friends that have medicated their children on prescriptions have praised the difference it has made in their child, BUT...we have been more blessed to have figured out a way to calm and soothe, while also teaching amazing coping techniques, and make our son responsible for his own actions. There have been tough times, don't get me wrong. The supplements are NOT a ‘cure-all’. It takes a TOTAL commitment to diet, schedules, and discipline. And most takes DILIGENT communication with teachers and counselors, and an active participation in your child’s school life! BrightSpark and Focus [Formula] have made a big difference in our son's ability to stay focused at school... but his diagnosis has opened the door to communication... and dealing with kids with these unique moments… truly requires a team approach! …This line of products allows [children] to have the ability to help themselves [and] maintain their own personality. And I am a whole-hearted supporter! - Jason D.
Focus Formula is amazing. We decided to try it [for] our 6-year-old…. At first, we were skeptical, as we were not seeing results. But, it took almost a full two weeks and then it was like a light switch. It has really taken the edge off her moods and explosive behavior. She is far more fun to be around now, and we don't have to worry about what is going to set her off or what her mood is going to be when she gets home from school. She stays on track with homework now and does not let the little things bother her as much. We give her one dose in the morning and another dose at about 3 p.m., as she usually is at her worst at about 5 [p.m.]. This seems to work great for her. She is even sleeping better and not waking up panicking about something in the middle of the night. I mix it in juice, and she has not noticed it at all and she is one to notice little changes in taste. I did put it in milk one time and she tasted it, so we stick with the juice. I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking the edge off their kid's behavior. The return policy is amazing just in case, but I am hooked.” - Kristin G., USA
Since Cole has started on his Focus Formula and BrightSpark…I have seen a difference in his daily actions it has been great. His teacher even said he is more focused on her at school and not on everyone else. He even picked up his dirty clothes and put them away all by himself, He has never done that. Go Cole go. - Lori H.
Recently I have been getting complaints from my son’s teacher that she has noticed that he has not been focused, on task, completing assignments timely, etc… Deep down inside I knew she wasn’t lying because it would take him several hours in the evening to complete homework assignments. The least little thing would distract him. It was like we were working in shifts to help him with his homework. I would start helping immediately once we get home, when my husband got home he would immediately start helping because by this time I was screaming and upset with my child. We would complete homework most nights around 8:00 or 8:30 however, he has been an A… B student (has not gotten a C on his report card) which a C isn’t bad but, I am just saying he is intelligent and we know he can do the work. I was getting fed up and trying to nail down the problem, we (his teacher and I) both thought maybe it’s Spring Fever or he is growing up and developing his own identity. On Sunday evening I began to do some research on line and I goggled something for concentration for kids or something like that… well anyway… a site came up about "BrightSpark" which is a Natural and Safe Product. I continued to read for hours then decided to order a bottle of the FOCUS FORMULA for concentration and attention, I felt this is what he needed(didn’t know if it would work or not but heck I would give it a try). At the time I didn’t think he needed the Bright Spark because it was mainly for kids… [attention] and behavior problems. When reading the testimonials of other parents they used both BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Some parents experienced immediate results and some said it took a few days or a few weeks with great results. On Tuesday, I got an E-mail from the teacher stating that my child hadn’t turned in 2 assignments that was due and he was given class time to complete. I was in an outrage and went over to the school and found his class on the playground but my child was on the side completing his assignment (which I was ok with that but it really didn’t set well with me. I had a talk with him on the play ground to let him know that he had to straighten up and complete his work timely etc…). When I left the school I went home to see if the package had arrived because I was going to go back to school and give it to him. Wednesday evening I was at the hair salon and called home and asked my husband if anything arrived in the mail today and he said "Yes". I instructed him how to administer the Focus Formula to our child because I really wanted to start him on this to see if it would work. When he gave the FOCUS FORMULA to him he said that he seen immediate results. When he told him to get ready for bed and take his shower it wasn’t back and forth "GO TAKE YOUR SHOWER" however it was said ONCE and it was DONE. I am thinking "Yeah Right". The next morning I gave it to him before he went to school (only drops that goes in his juice and it is one drop per the child’s age) Anyway, I went over to the school around 11:20 yesterday and peeped through the window of his classroom he was steadily working which appeared to me he was focused but was not for sure. I had lunch with him and his teacher came over and we were talking and I asked "So how is he doing today?" She said "He is following directions, focused, keeping up and is on task"! (I did not mention to her about the products) later that evening when I got back to work around 2:00pm I e-mailed his teacher reiterated what she told me at lunch and was just wanting to see if he was continuing to be on task and she said " He is a lot better today and whatever you have told him is definitely working"!We got home about 4:45 so we got started with homework by 5:00,consisting of a math work sheet (front & Back), spelling quiz of 25 wor ds (he actually wrote the words down as I was calling them out. He was so quick in writing the words down he was WAITING on me to call out the next word), we did extra math of 2 pages ( in preparation of EOG) and a Math assignment on the computer of about 30 question. My child had completed this work with very few errors or with any errors at all…. outside playing by 6:00 or 6:15. I am So So So amazed… I wanted to share this with you, I am not one to do the testimonials online, but in this case I am going to write one. I know it’s lengthy but I just had to share!!! I was so happy yesterday and my husband was too!!! I will update you with results … - Michelle, NC, USA
To make a long story short, if you have a good kid who makes good grades but maybe has to work really hard and stresses to get those good grades, then try Focus Formula, MindSoothe Jr. and Triple Complex Brain Tonic. We now have a straight-A student who can focus and learn and remember without the stress and confusion!! It makes a difference, honestly! - Dana, NC, USA
…Having worried over my son's behavior, as he is about to enroll into Pre-K this coming July at the age of 4, he is very hyper, impulsive and bad temper. He also always laughs and cries most of the time. Things just got worse and made us irritated, he finally got punishment. He could not even sit still to eat on the table and keep running about. After coming across your website I let him have the BrightSpark with Focus Formula. Besides that, we also controlled him on food intake, gave him fish oil… He has been taking for 1 week and your products worked on him… He is changing a lot at home, he can eat by himself, no more crying about and he even can sing the whole song till end … he is back to our loving and humorous little boy… We can't thank you enough… what we can do is to recommend your products to other people. Great products!!! Thanks again! - Jusman M., Indonesia
My 7 year old daughter has ...[behavioral issues] & has been on [medication] for 2 years. The side effects of … were taking a toll on her general health. I began researching natural remedies & came across Focus Formula. I researched the ingredients & decided they were safe for her. I started her on the Focus Formula on a Sunday eve. On Monday morning she got dressed without any complaining or meltdowns. When she returned home from school that afternoon she stated she got stars on her work today. She received an excellent for her conduct & work habits the first week she was on Focus Formula. She is a different child now that she is taking the Focus Formula. She is happy & smiling, & so far no more meltdowns. I have recommended this product to other mothers who have children that are struggling ... Focus Formula has made a huge improvement in our family, & I cannot say enough Thank You's!!! - Heidi, FL, USA
When I purchased BrightSpark, I was very skeptical that it would really work. I was desperate to turn my child’s lack of concentration and negative attitude toward school around, and so I purchased BrightSpark and Focus Formula, never imagining it would actually work, never mind so fast, and so well! My son gets in the car after school now singing about how much he loves school and his teacher, a complete turnaround in just a few weeks! His teacher is amazed at the change in him. I am completely satisfied with these products, and don't know what I would have done if they hadn't worked! - Denise, CA, USA
This is wonderful…. We saw an amazing result with [my daughter] almost overnight. She is much calmer and feels she can concentrate a lot easier at school and at homework time. I would suggest these to anyone who has a child who is experiencing difficulty completing tasks and focusing. - Cynthia K., NY, USA
Ever since my son started pre-K at age four, we have had issues with his behavior. It wasn't that he was a “bad” kid, but he had trouble standing still in line, keeping his hands to himself, staying quiet in class, and the like. After starting the first grade at a new school (that had a much more stringent disciplinary policy), he was constantly in trouble for these outbursts, and was bringing home bad reports each day. It progressed from bad reports to going to the principal's office daily, sometimes even twice in one day. Each afternoon around the time he should be getting home from school, I would have knots in my stomach, wondering how bad a day it had been for him. My husband and I were arguing over what to do about his behavior. It got to the point where it seemed as if we had become a house full of maniacs who just yelled and screamed all the time! We were at our wits end, and were ready to contact his doctor about putting him on prescription meds-- but I was very scared of doing so. One day I went online to research what natural herbs/remedies …and I found your site. I will admit I was very skeptical at first, but WOW!!! The first day he took the BrightSpark and Focus Formula, he came home with an “Excellent” behavior report. He has been taking the BrightSpark and Focus Formula combined for about two weeks now, and every day he has gotten an “E” on his report. He is much calmer, happier, and easier to get along with. Best of all, no one in my house screams anymore! I no longer worry about him at school, and we now have peace at home. BrightSpark and Focus have been like a miracle for us! Thank you so much! - Aimee J., GA, USA
We chose a more natural approach [for our son] with BrightSpark, Focus Formula and MindSoothe Jr…. Within 24 hours of giving him your products, we saw a huge difference. Christopher was calmer, less irritable after returning home from school the following day, and even willing to help with his younger sibling. That is a miracle! We are happy to have our wonderful son back and are very pleased with your products…. - Kristen M., OH, USA
I want to take this time to thank Native Remedies for changing our lives. My husband and I were at the end of our rope with our son's behavior. He was always very “high strung” and very impulsive in his behaviors. Last year when he started preschool at the age of three, we were called almost every week with a report about his aggressive behavior towards the other children. His behaviors were also extended to my husband and I at times. Although he was consistently impulsive and aggressive, he was and is a sweet little boy. When he entered Pre-K this year, the same behaviors continued. The second week of school, I had to meet with the teacher for a parent-teacher conference. After having learned about your products on your Web site and reading the numerous positive testimonials, I decided on a leap of faith to purchase the BrightSpark and Focus Formula for our son. Needless to say, within a week, we began to notice a difference in him. He was not as impulsive as before and was able to refrain from hitting others. His teacher confirmed this two weeks later, indicating that his behavior was no longer an issue. In addition to the BrightSpark and Focus Formula, I also ordered the MindSoothe Jr., the Calm Tonic, and the Detox Drops. He has now been on a combination of the above products, and let me just say, we have a completely different little boy! He is forming wonderful relationships with his peers in school, and is a true pleasure to be around! I thank God for your products!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Your faithful customer for a lifetime... - Simone J., FL, USA
I asked my 6 [year-old] son how he feels on [the] BrightSpark/Focus Formula products…he's been on for 2 weeks. This was what he said: ‘I feel my life has changed, I am a different guy, I feel calmer.’ He also went on to talk about how much easier falling asleep is and how much easier it is concentrating... He was so sincere when he said it! I had to pass that testimonial along to you! Thank you! - Josie J., Canada
...I found Native Remedies and spoke to my son about trying BrightSpark and Focus Formula. ...We tried the products and didn't tell the school. After only three days, they wanted to know what we'd done. My son is now happy, more independent, and less sensitive. He completes his homework on his own 90% of the time, without being asked or told. There is no more yelling in my house! Thank you for an excellent product. No side effects other than a happy child whose marks are improving! That we all can live with :) Thanks again and again. - Janice D., Canada
I have to say, my husband and I struggled with the decision to try an herbal remedy on our 10-year-old son. Since kindergarten, we have received numerous calls, notes, etc., about his inability to stay focused, his constant talking to himself and to others, and his generally disruptive behavior. All I can say is that I wish someone would have told me about this sooner! I was afraid it would alter his personality and make him like a zombie... He is totally himself, only 100% improved. It has been wonderful... This is a wonderful product. Thank you. - Karen, VA, USA
I was searching on your site a few weeks ago, and came across BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I went further to read what parents had to say. I have a 13-year-son and an eight-year-old daughter .. I have always searched for alternative treatments, but nothing ever caught my interest like your site. I've tried the diet thing,.. However, we've had the most difficultly with our daughter. ... I mentioned to the doctor that we would like to try an alternative treatment ... I did my homework for her (printing off ingredients, and comparing to two other .. she asked us to consider). ... Our doctor was actually open-minded with what we wanted. I ordered your products right away. My daughter is on her second week of these products, and doing quite well... She is a very smart girl with a great sense of humor. I see a great future with these products. Thank you! - Kristi S., CA, USA
... I have had these [problems] for most of my adult life. Since being on Focus Formula and BrightSpark [I have seen an improvement]... The thing that impresses me most about your Web site is how you break down symptoms by disorder. This was very helpful... I sincerely thank you. - Phill, NY, USA
OMG! These two formulas, BrightSpark and Focus Formula, have been a life saver for my seven-year-old. He was struggling in school and feeling like he was ‘dumb.’ Within two weeks, his attention span and ability to focus and sit still…improved greatly. Thank you, Native Remedies, for making my child a success! - Adele B., USA
…We tried Focus Formula on him. The results are amazing. …We love this formula and have several friends who have also put their children on it from seeing the improvement in our child. Thanks from the whole family - Danette Alario
…I started him on the Focus Formula and BrightSpark about 2 weeks ago, and at first thought it was going to be a waste of money-- but I was wrong. After about 3 days, I got a whole new son …This REALLY works, trust me, I'm the most skeptical person out there and here I am writing my very own testimonial!! It's a miracle, I have my son back and he has his "mind" back. Thank you!!! - April, PA, USA
…I stumbled upon this website and decided to give the Focus Formula a try. For the first couple of weeks, I didn't think these drops were going to work, but I decided to stick with them and give them some time. I am happy to say that after three weeks on the drops, I noticed a dramatic improvement! …Thank you so much for a great product! - Stacy, AK, USA
My son was having major issues in kindergarten, and by first grade he was getting worse. He was acting up in class & refused to do things, and could not read at grade level. We took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed …I was totally against medication, but something had to be done. I finally found this website & gave it a try in. The change is incredible. He just finished second grade and is doing amazing in all his studies and is reading at his grade level. I swear by these products and recommend them frequently! - Cassandra, NJ, USA
I gave Focus Formula to my 11 yr. old son …My son's teacher noticed a huge difference in my son. After only a week on the formula, he noticed how much better his attention span was in class. When he asked a question, he would respond immediately and appropriately instead of taking a few minutes to talk in circles until he finally came up with an answer… - Holly, NV, USA
We have a 7 year old son, who struggles in school. Our son is impulsive, hyper, and has a hard time staying on task. He doesn't seem to remember family discussions we've had to help him resolve his behavioral problems in school. He is frustrated with school and himself at times due to his impulsive behavior. It breaks our heart to see him like this. We put him on a diet to eliminate the preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The diet helped but it was not enough. He needed more. One day on the radio, we heard about Natural Remedies and ordered the catalog. We did our own research on the ingredients and consulted with our pediatrician before trying. We ordered the BrightSpark and Focus Formula; after a few weeks we saw improvements. He was able to follow through when given directions, stay in his seat at school more, able to focus, and be less impulsive. Now our son's shoulders are back and his head is up. He no longer feels like a dumb kid who can't seem to do anything right. Thank you very much! - Rory Y., USA
I just want to say that I am very happy with these products [for my 8 year old son]… I have received complaints from teachers about him not being able to stay focused and on task. He was evaluated and diagnosed… I tried him for a month with drugs, and yes it worked, the teacher was happy, but my son wasn't and his health was at risk. My son looked like a zombie every time I picked him up from school, my son was drugged, I felt terrible… Then I learned about Native Remedies and started him on BrightSpark and Focus Formula; he has been doing so well at school. Within a week of taking the remedies my son improved at school, and by week 2, I began getting good complements from his teacher. It really works and there is no harm to my son’s health; he actually likes it. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. - Liz, CA, USA

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