MiGone Plus Testimonials

Natural remedy for calming nervous tension to help soothe and relieve tense head and neck muscles.

Natural remedies have a long history of traditional uses and can be safe and effective solutions for health. In my practice I do not hesitate to recommend them and my patients have always been happy with the results - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
Until about 2 & 1/2 years ago I would have migraine like headaches about two or three times a week for about the previous 10 years. I would go through two to three bottles of 300 tablets of [over the counter medicine] each year. I discovered MiGone Plus, within about a week I had no more headaches. I have used MiGone Plus twice a day 15 drops each time for about 2&1/2 years. I have taken about 12 [pills] at this same time. I have been headache free for this time. My life has come back. It is heaven to at last be pain free. Thanks Native Remedies for MiGone Plus it really works. - G. Lynn. M., AZ, USA
After years [of suffering], I tried MiGone Plus. I am amazed at the results after only 6 weeks. - William, UK
I tried MiGone Plus about 5 months ago. I figured, what could I lose. I did exactly as they said, and I am happy to say in my opinion it works… I never thought it could be possible that something so affordable could help me. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! - Melissa, Al, USA
I decided to ship your products to England; I have combined the MiGone Plus with PureCalm and have received an amazing response. I have used the products for three weeks, and for me, they have changed the quality of my life completely. I wholeheartedly endorse these products, and have become an Affiliate of this company. Thank you, NativeRemedies.com - David, USA
“Julia (married, 33 years old) came to see me on the advice of her doctor. She was suffering from recurring …[tension]…. Medical investigation revealed no obvious cause and her doctor was concerned that Julia's…[tension] was psychological in origin. … Apart from the stress related to caring for a young family, Julia did not seem to have any particular problems which could be causing her [tension] …and there was no sign of an underlying problem from her childhood… I put her on a detox diet and recommended that she take MiGone Plus daily, cautioning her that it might take a month or more for her to see positive effects. During the first week, Julia's …[tension] continued and she used PureCalm to relax and help…By the second week, her …[tension] was less frequent and much less severe and Julia was beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel…” - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
“After years of …[tension] I tried MiGone Plus. I am now completely off the… tablets for the first time since I can remember.” - William, UK
“I had stress induced… [tension] at least once a week ever since my son was born 3 1/2 yrs ago. …I tried MiGone Plus about 5 months ago. I figured what could I lose…I never thought it could be possible… Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! ” - Natalie, PA, USA
“I have had a history of …[tension] since my 2nd child 1976. I have been to many doctors, tried many things.... Either, nothing worked or I would have a reaction or sensitivity to it. Needless to say there were days of time with my family, work and church that I missed. …When coming across this site I figured what did I have to lose. I have followed the instructions on MiGone Plus. I am so very happy to say that after 1 week the …[tension] was gone or was waning and less intense. I would even take MiGone Plus when I would feel [it] coming on. To be relieved of the … light and sound sensitivity has given me more that I could have ever wanted. This one product has changed my life. Needless to say there are several other products that I am using from Native Remedies. One is the Detox Drops because of the damage to my liver... I hope to soon have my energy back. But to be free of …[tension] in 6 weeks is just a blessing. Thank you for your high level of products and production and concern for the health of others.” - Melissa, Al, USA
“I wanted to write and recommend MiGone Plus to anyone who suffers from… [tension] like I do. It has made a tremendous difference!” - Steward, USA
“I have recently used your Natural products for severe… [tension]. For many months I have been trying various…[things], and have in fact been referred to a specialist because of the lack of relief I have received… I decided to ship to England your products; I have combined the MiGone Plus with PureCalm and have received an amazing relief from my problems. I have used the products for three weeks and they have changed the quality of my life completely. I wholeheartedly endorse these products, and have become an Affiliate of this company. Thank you NativeRemedies.com ” - David, USA
“For a number of years I have suffered from …[tension], the past 18 months have been particularly difficult and resulted in around six days a month where I was incapacitated... I tried MiGone Plus and have not had …[tension] since commencing use of this product around 4 months ago. It is so wonderful to finally have a clear head... Thank you so much.” - Kerrie, Australia
“My …[tension] is linked to stress and…I had all sorts of tests but they could find nothing wrong with me. My doctor suggested that I take medication, which I did not want to do, so I tried MiGone Plus. After two weeks the …[tension] became less and less frequent…I really can't see why doctors don't recommend MiGone!... Thanks for your help!” - Melinda, USA
“I took MiGone Plus as you recommended and I am very happy with the results. I just wanted to let other folk know that I recommend MiGone Plus without hesitation for …[tension]” - Lorna, USA
“I had …[tension] so bad that I was out of work often and couldn't cope… MiGone Plus is easy to take. It has no side effects. I have been taking it for six weeks and except for one mild …[problem] in the first week, I haven't had …[tension] since, touch wood.” - Phyllis J., USA
“Thank you for your wonderful products, especially MiGone Plus! I have been a sufferer of …[tension] since my teens and no one could find the cause. The money I spent on medication was no joke and it always made me feel sick the next day. Since taking a course of MiGone Plus I have only had one attack, which was quite mild and went away sooner than usual.” - Karen, USA
“I recommend the MiGone Plus elixir to anyone who'll listen. I haven't had bad …[tension] since finishing the 3rd bottle - about 3 months ago. I'm now enjoying the first real relief from ear [problems] (a result of a vehicle accident 5 years ago) with the ear drops. The sinus drainage and wax buildup is finally under control. Now, do you have anything for ringing ears…)?” - Denise N.