MoodCalm Testimonials

Homeopathic remedy for natural prevention of mood swings to help calm emotional outbursts.

I have had terrible ups and downs for years and thought my only option was strong medication. Thanks to this, I can also support my mind in a natural way. Now I am able to recognize when I am beginning to get over the top, and just a few tablets help me to stabilize naturally. Thank you so much for giving me the choice! — Sheryl
We have a 35-year-old daughter. She has not been able to hold down a job due to her personality – she has severe episodes of elation followed by crashing lows. She’ll be on a natural "high for days, and nothing can dissuade her until the phase passes and she gets very somber, then staying in her room for days. We were torn apart by it until we found this product. Although she is on very strong medication, I really believe that this product has helped to ground her. Now, when she starts to ‘go pop’ (as we call it), we quickly give her the MoodCalm, and the difference is amazingly encouraging. Thank you so much; we are sure she can only improve! — Anna-Marrie, NV, USA
This past September, I lost custody of my six-year-old son. I was devastated. I understand why it happened, as I could not go on being such an unstable force in his life. It was very hard for my family (and my small son) to see me in this state. I resisted medication at first, but the court insisted. With my doctor’s advice, I started on your product. I am so happy with the results. My doctor said I may be able to reduce the harsh drugs at the end of the year. I am just so thankful that you have given me hope and a chance at redemption. I am eternally grateful. — Mark, TX, USA
Before discovering MoodCalm, my girlfriend suffered immensely from "episodes. The only way she could describe an episode was that the feeling was like a tornado sweeping her away, destroying everything and everyone in it’s path. This obviously caused our relationship to be at stake. I loved her, but she was taking part in extremely risky behavior. Thank you for helping us both. — Donovan