Mucus-Clear Testimonials

Natural congestion remedy to help clear and get rid of excessive mucus or phlegm in the throat.

I have been bothered with mucus in the nose and throat on an almost daily basis for at least three years. Several doctors shrugged it off …nothing helped, he had to stop singing in a choir. I Am half-way thru first bottle of Mucus-Clear and I can't put into words how thankful I am. No more mucus at all. What a wonderful product! - Win B., MA, USA
This product is great. [I] felt relief after just the 1st dose…. I tried other products but they didn't work half as well as Mucus-Clear. [It’s] well worth the money. - Kathy S., PA, USA
It was great to find Mucus-Clear while I was pregnant and congested with phlegm…because I couldn’t take strong meds. - Lizette
Mucus-Clear worked wonders for my daughters who always struggle with clogged throats. As a mother I am always happy to find a natural homeopathic remedy…. - Kath
“Thank you for Mucus-Clear. I have had congestion for years in my throat… Nothing seemed to work well. I have been to doctors who could not help…. Thank God...Mucus-Clear worked.” -Larry W., USA
“I have always had clogged sinuses and Mucus-Clear really helps to dislodge everything…my boyfriend was really getting irritated with all the throat clearing I was doing – even during the night!” - Lee Anna