Bad Dream Sprinkles Testimonials

Natural child, toddler, and baby sleep aid to support healthy sleeping patterns.

No mother should be without this remedy. It really does the trick and my kids even ask for it because they love the taste and recognize that it helps them. Peace is returning to our house! - Gloria J, NY, USA
My wife normally writes these kinds of things but I felt I had to let you know, from a dad’s point of view, how great your Bad Dream Sprinkles is. It really, really works! …Everyone is much happier the next day. It is so great to feel like a happy family again. - Very Grateful Father, ID, USA
My son is three and a half, and a friend recommended Bad Dream Sprinkles to me and I am so glad she did. I wasn’t sure at first, but bought them anyway. Two days later I gave Sam the sprinkles and I could not believe how well they worked. I can’t thank you enough for this fantastic product - J. H.