ColoFlush Testimonials

Natural herbs to support systemic colon cleansing and maintain colon health.

I just wanted to take the time to tell you guys thanks! I am so happy to have found your website and the ColoFlush… I have been constipated my entire life it seems like. I am not the kind of person who usually leaves testimonials but I wanted to with Native Remedies because I felt like it was important to let other people know your products actually do work - and I feel fantastic. I am going to buy some other remedies now that I know your stuff really works. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! - Vanessa, PA, USA
I started a detox program recently. I gave up smoking, started a new exercise routine, and wanted to turn over a new leaf. This was the cherry on top for a great plan of action! Thanks so much to all at Native Remedies - Patty Lincoln
I was told by my doctor to go for colonic irrigations now and then to flush out my system. I always felt really heavy and blocked up before treatment. Using this product helped a lot to loosen up everything, and I definitely noticed a difference during the procedure. I even felt more cleansed afterwards too-- thanks so much. - Jodie M.
I am not the healthiest eater. I love fried foods, but pay the price later with digestion problems! This product really helped to get things moving, and I feel refreshed and lighter! - Kendall, OH, USA
This works so great. I love it. Not much more to say except I will be ordering another bottle soon! - B.D. Miller