AfterBirth Drops Testimonials

Herbal remedy to maintain healthy oxytocin hormone levels and support after-birth placenta delivery.

I am a firm believer in the use of natural products and used your remedies throughout my pregnancy. My labor went well and I managed to avoid all types of artificial, medical intervention. By the time I had delivered Kayla, though, I could not believe that I still had to push more to deliver the placenta! I was ready to collapse from the effort of the previous hours! I am so glad my midwife remembered about my AfterBirth Drops and gave them to me to take. Within minutes I felt motivated, clear-headed and ready to give those last few pushes that were needed of me. Thank you Natural Eco- your products helped me every step of the way! - Valerie P, WV
Thank you for all your wonderful, natural “helpers” for labor. These were recommended to me by the Natural Birthing Center I attended and I really feel that they made the process easier and more positive for me. I ordered your Complete Birth Pack and I particularly loved your Eze-Birth Drops and AfterBirth Drops. These remedies helped me so much when I was feeling desperate and helpless as if I could not go on. Just wanted to let you know that your remedies are making a difference to many pregnant women and new moms out there! - Susan, SC