LegCalm Testimonials

Natural remedy for calming relief of occasional restless legs to help you sleep better at night.

…I found your natural remedy… on the web and suggested he give it a try.. If I had known the solution to his problem would be so simple, safe and effective I would have bought LegCalm years ago - Lilian
Your LegCalm formula has really been a miracle for me... now I barely know myself - I sleep peacefully without restlessness at all and can sit still through an entire dinner party without having to get up constantly… I introduced people I know through an online …support group to your remedy and have had great feedback from those who have tried it! Thank you for a great product. - Victoria, UK
…I started using LegCalm about two months ago and what a relief! It seems to get better all the time… Thanks! - Leatte L.
“My son has been using LegCalm for two months. His grades are up, [there are] no rings under his eyes, and he is a new young man. Thanks, Native Remedies.” - Joe C., GA, USA
“…I was looking for an alternative [for my husband] without the side effects when I found LegCalm. It's changed his life; he's able to stay awake all day long and not have the problems …at night. We have our lives back now and don't need to worry about him falling asleep when we're on the road or any other time.” - Denise, MO, USA