Nipple Conditioning Cream Testimonials

Natural conditioning cream to soothe cracked or tender areolas and prepare your nipples for nursing.

I really love your Nipple Conditioning Cream! …With your wonderful cream and by correcting my technique with the help of a lactation consultant, my nipples are feeling a lot better and breastfeeding is once again the joy it used to be. Thank you again [Native Remedies]! - Mary-Ann, IL
I was very pleased to find your [Native Remedies] website with the wonderful range of products for pregnancy and new moms! I had been specifically looking for a natural alternative to lanolin for my nipples; I was repulsed by the idea of using sheep's lanolin- which is what my doctor recommended- on my skin, especially as some of this would invariably land up in my son's mouth. I was thrilled when I found your all-natural Nipple Conditioning Cream and it has certainly done the trick! - Doreen P. UK
Nipple Conditioning Cream is an excellent product. It is non-greasy and leaves no residue. It rapidly heals and softens your nipples. It's a myth that your nipples need to be "tough" for breastfeeding; what they need to have is more elasticity, and this product really helps with that. It's good for your nipples any time. Worth the money.” - W.D., TX, USA