OralSoothe Testimonials

Natural teething remedy to help relieve sore, irritated or painful gums in babies and infants.

My boy twins have been cutting teeth and they have bothered him a lot. [He is] 6 month old and now has 5 teeth with more coming in. We used another brand at first but it was recalled. Then we found the natural meds for him. It has helped him greatly he is not in as much pain. I have ordered more for him. His sister will be needing it soon as well. - Larry, USA
Our baby was having a terrible time with cutting his first tooth. He had been feeding poorly and very grouchy for 2 weeks and the gel I tried to put on his gums didn't make any difference at all. In fact he hated it! I gave him your OralSoothe and within minutes he seemed like a different child! It has continued to keep him calm and seemingly free of pain so I have just ordered another three bottles! Thanks for a great product! - Monique T
I am so grateful for your wonderful teething formula- it really settled my little girl and allowed the whole household to get some sleep. I'm really relieved that she's not in pain anymore- I'm going to tell all my friends about OralSoothe! - Julie, UK