Bringforth Life Flower Essence Testimonials

Remedy with evening primrose to overcome feelings of shame, fear of intimacy and sexual repression.

I married quite late in life to a wonderful man and we both really wanted a child of our own... We decided to try your Bringforth Life Flower Essence in combination with Native Remedies Fertile XX for a trial period... I'm really pleased we made that decision... - Helen and Roger, PA
Thank you to [Native Remedies] for your wonderful Bringforth Life Flower Essence! …Your Bringforth Life Flower Essence was one of the main factors in helping us to rediscover our previous intimacy... I feel like now I have everything I've ever wanted from life! - Judy R.
…My desire to have a child began to occupy all of my thoughts… and thank goodness my husband was extremely supportive. I also decided to use your Bringforth Life Flower Essence just "in case" ...But we are so very thrilled to say we are now very proud parents of a healthy little boy, James Kurt. Please keep making and selling your lovely flower essences to all of us who long to be parents :-) - M.J.