PureMother Flower Essence Testimonials

Natural remedy for coping with baby blues and promoting nurturing instincts in mothers after a baby.

Being an "older" first-time mom I felt that I might have even more difficulty than other women in adjusting to my new baby and locating my mothering instincts. I decided to try your PureMother Flower Essence . I must say that I felt like a complete "natural" despite never having had an affinity for other people's children and am so grateful that caring for and loving my new baby girl came so easily and feels so "right". Thank you for such a wonderful product! - Margaret, Thrilled brand new mommy
Your [Native Remedies] Flower Essence remedies helped me through the whole of my second pregnancy and I was eager to try your PureMother Flower Essence once I finally had my bundle of joy in my arms. I used this remedy in my bath and took it in water for two weeks after I gave birth and it made such a difference! I felt deeply connected to my little one, Gareth, from the moment I heard his first cry… - Elaine, IL