Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray Testimonials

Natural bad breath freshener with peppermint oil to help keep your breath smelling fresh.

I wanted to start dating after my divorce, but my breath was a constant blow to my confidence. I started using Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray and what a difference! I really can feel the cleanliness in my mouth and feel like a different person. I am ready to start dating now! - Rhoda, New Jersey
I have been using your HaliTonic – which works great, … Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray is nice to spray this into the mouth and feel the instant burst of freshness…. - Celeste, WA
“Hi there – I had to write in and tell you that we use Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray at work – all the girls in the office have a bottle… we run a small hairdresser and it really keeps us confident to deal with our clients.” -Abby, Oregon
“I am a dental hygienist assistant. I have been using Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray because it is side effect free – I have heard mouthwash that contains alcohol is bad for you, so this is great because it is natural… the best compliment was when my boss said that I looked like I took care of my teeth! I really feel this had made the difference!” - Simona, Tennessee
“I use your pet spray for my pet’s breath… now there is something for me! I love the taste – it is not artificial!! I use Pure-n-Fresh Breath Spray after brushing, and have a few squirts throughout the day’” - Cathy, Colorado