MellowPause Testimonials

Herbal relief remedy to naturally help balance hormones and reduce hot flashes due to menopause.

I have been taking your recommended herbs-- Dong Quai, MellowPause and Femalite-- for a couple of months. I do have to tell you that I am over the moon with the results. I probably started your course about the last week of May. My sister is actually a homeopath practicing in London and I will be visiting her in September and I can't wait to share my news with her! Thank you - Clare L., UK
Prior to taking MellowPause, I would wake up several times a night…. Since taking it for just one week, I am able to sleep soundly and no more…hot flashes. I highly recommend this product…. Thanks, Native Remedies. - Sheri, USA
When I went to my doctor she said that I was starting to go through the menopause – I am 41 years old. She told me about this remedy and I tried it. I take it every day and I feel fine – my moods are normal, thank goodness! - Belle, Canada
I used to wake up at night absolutely drenched in sweat! I've been taking Dong Quai and MellowPause for about two months now and I can really see the difference. I am not sweating at night anymore and I feel much calmer. - Molly, South Africa
I would like to let you know that this [remedy] has done wonders for me!! Thank you. - Claire, Sydney, Australia
I am going through the ‘change of life’ so I started taking MellowPause 9 days ago; for the past 5 nights I have had no hot flashes and have slept like a baby. I thought that menopause was going to be relatively easy for me because I had not yet experienced the HOT flash. Sure I had asked on more than one occasion "Is it hot in here or is it me?" But there is no question when my head feels as though hot sticky liquid is slowly being poured over my scalp then rolls down by chest and back; when perspiration is everywhere in seconds, then I do not need to ask if it is me, I know it is me. Remember, good nutrition, exercise, and hydrate too. Sincerely and with best wishes for your health. - Maureen A.
I would like to let you know that this Menopause Treatment has done wonders for me!! Thank you. - Clare M., USA
I started with Focus ADDult and immediately felt better. Not trusting my feelings I went to my doctor to get a prescription for Strattera. Strattera not only didn't work any better, but made me feel sick and drugged everyday. I immediately came off of it and started back on my ADDult. I will swear by this stuff! I feel more mentally alert and it is not my imagination. I have also recently purchased MellowPause and have immediately felt the difference. I highly recommend these products. They work!!! - Sharon C., WV, USA
Carol was consulting me for help with her 11 year old child who was having difficulties at school. She had fallen pregnant with Lucy when she was 43 years old and was enjoying being a mother for the second time around. Carol was a very active and dynamic woman who enjoyed mountain climbing and pottery. For a woman of 54, she was youthful in spirit and outlook and literally bursting with health! Although she was happy with her life, Carol complained that she struggled to sleep at night and could not understand why she was so snappy and irritable with everyone. When I questioned her further, she told me that she felt hot all the time and that this heat would come in 'waves', making her clothes feel too tight and causing her to turn as red as a beetroot! Her periods had become irregular and it was obvious that Carol was going through the menopause. I started her on a combination of (Dong Quai) and MellowPause. I next saw Carol three months later when she brought Lucy for a follow up visit. She looked as healthy as ever, but was pleased to report that she had not had a hot flash for more than two months, her intense irritability had become a thing of the past and that she was sleeping like a baby! I advised Carol to continue with the (Dong Quai) and to use the MellowPause only if she felt any of the troublesome symptoms returning. - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
Your MellowPause remedy has made such a difference! My hot flashes have almost completely disappeared. Thank you for all your help. - Nelly, USA
Thank you very much for recommending your MellowPause treatment. I honestly felt like I could climb the walls! My mother also struggled during her menopause and I guess it must run in the family. I feel so much more calm and all the hot flashes have gone! - Sandra, Beauford West, South Africa
My periods were so heavy that I couldn't go out of the house for days. My gynecologist wanted to put me on HRT but I was afraid of this after I had read about the studies that have been done and what HRT can do to you. He was very skeptical when I said I would try herbs and he said I would be back! Well, he was wrong! I do not have such heavy bleeding anymore and I am also sleeping much better. Thank you for a safe and natural product that works! - Jessica, USA
After two weeks of using MellowPause my hot flashes were cut by half. After one month, I no longer have any. I had a severe case of hot flashes day and night where I actually felt the sweat dripping down my back. Many people say herbal supplements don't work. This is a magic potion that has saved me. I love it! Thank you! - Debbie, NJ, USA
I went from a night sweat every 90 minutes and numerous hot flashes during the day to zero night sweats/hot flashes within 24 hours of taking MellowPause. It is a life saver! - Denise, WA, USA
I am a big believer in your menopause products! After a month, all that is left is the hot-flashes, and they too are tapering off. Thanks so much! - Kathy, CA, USA
“Within thirty days of using MellowPause my night sweats and daily hot flashes went away. I have been using this product for almost a year now and wouldn't be without it! ” - Jody, ID, USA
“I have been taking MellowPause for about 3 weeks and the change is marvelous. One day I left the drops at home and had panic… and a hot flash you could have fried an egg on. For a few years I have been having terribly burning and red eyes which I have been using drops for (I think the heat from the flashes was damaging my eyes), but now that has cleared up almost completely. Also the dizzy spells have stopped and the irrational mood swings… ” - Cynthia
“I am totally happy with the results; it has been wonderful …within [just] 10 days. Thanks very much.” - Yvonne T.