Tula Tantrum Tamer Testimonials

Homeopathic remedy for preventing temper tantrums the naturally help keep children calm and relaxed.

"I feel I must write to tell you what a help Tula Tantrum Tamer has been - my daughter became a real terror when she did not get her way (especially around bedtime). We have noticed that she is willing to listen and open to working things out in a calmer way! — Diana
"It was extremely tiring to go to the shops with my little boy who usually ended up screaming when he wanted something - and the whole shop would stare as if I was such a bad mother. Once or twice I even smacked him but that made no difference at all. With the help of your remedy over the past few weeks he is less of a handful. Now if he has the occasional tantrum I can distract him quite easily. Thank you! — F.M. Pretoria
"The teachers complained that my daughter wouldn’t wait her turn at school and she bullied the other kids and started to scream whenever she wanted a toy. How terrible is that for a mother to hear? Even my neighbor complained about the screaming every day and she has five kids!! Since she has been taking Tula Tantrum Tamer there is such a big improvement. It feels so good to be able to be proud of my child when I pick her up from school! — Rose W.
These remedies have made such a difference in my 6 year old's life. Thank you so much!!!! — Anne S., USA
Let me tell you that shopping was a nightmare before I gave my son Tula Tantrum Tamer! If I could avoid taking him with me I would and I would always end up spanking him which I know is wrong, but I tried everything! He takes his Tula Tantrum Tamer every day and he is much calmer and he does not lose his temper so much or hardly ever in fact! Thank you! — Betty, USA
In my family children usually behave or else. We have all grown up like that. You can believe me when I say my five yr old was like a monster in my house! My own mother said that I must be doing a bad job, I even cried a few times! Tula Tantrum Tamer is very good and my son is listening now when we speak for a change. I thank you from the bottom of my very heart!!! — Helen K., USA
Great Product, Works Great! — Janice, CO, USA
I have pulled my hair out with my daughter I would spend days whereby she could not reason even though understood what was happening. Such stress including relationships, etc. I even had her assessed by psychologist who said what you complaining about she is normal. It was one day recently when we were having a real bad day that I decided to look for advice on the internet, she was upstairs screaming and kicking and came across Native Remedies and Tula Tantrum Tamer. When you're desperate you will try anything, am I glad I did. For the first 3 weeks there was no change in her behavior, after which I found my daughter started to become more communicative, repeating herself and almost doing what two year olds do and question everything. Its as if the temper tamers helped her to go back a stage and question and reason everything. Six weeks into the treatment and she is a different child. I have had one tantrum which lasted a lot shorter than usual. She is happy, I can discipline or put boundaries in and she'll reason without going into a tantrum. I feel so relieved and so does my partner whom could have easily have left us because of her previous behavior If you are out there pulling your hair out, please try this product you will be so surprised. I am going to carry this treatment up to 12 weeks as advised as I don't want to risk her going back to the old unreasonable child. Great results, I am so glad to have found this product. Cheers. — Liz, UK
...Since starting [our 6 year old, Wilf] on a combination of Tula Tantrum Tamer, Serenite, Focus Formula, BrightSpark, Mindsoothe & PureCalm, he's amenable, settles well (previously this took up to 2 hours with lots of stress) at night, listens to us and is far less obsessive, aggressive, and easier to reach. Wilf loves taking his remedies and even asks for them if we've forgotten it; as if his body knows what he needs. He's started making progress at school, and our whole family is much calmer and happier as a result. We can see a bright future ahead. Many, many thanks.” — Justine, UK
My daughter was having several tantrums a day. Everything we did was a battle. Since taking Tula, Erica has been much easier to cope with. She has fewer tantrums, says yes more often, and is happier. Even her sisters see a change in her. She is able to cope with things that would have sent her into a full blown melt down. — Stephanie, NY, USA
I have a three year old that is forever throwing herself on the ground wherever we are - yelling and screaming because she can't have her way. Michele gave me some pointers to help me handle her and recommended Tula Tantrum Tamer. I tried it because I was getting ready to hit my daughter even though I don't believe in it. She loves the taste and takes it without fuss three times a day. I must say she is like a different child and much more manageable! — Cathy, South Africa
Thank you for helping us with our toddler who had tantrums everyday. After taking Tula Tantrum Tamer regularly, he is now more reasonable and pleasant, thank goodness! — Fred and Mary, UK