SAD Soother Testimonials

Natural seasonal depression remedy to help you beat the winter blues and overcome holiday grief.

I live in Alaska and have spent last decade of winters - hating to even get out of bed. This is the first year I've used this, and it really really works!!! Amazing is all I can say! With only 4-1/2 hrs of light by the time December came, I was so depressed. This has been the best winter since living here. Thank you!!! - Lynne S., AK, USA
We recently relocated to London. My wife and I were looking forward to the move, but no sooner had we settled when she started to feel gloomy. She said it was due to the weather. I really felt awful for her because we couldn’t go back home and I couldn’t make it sunnier! She did not want prescription meds, so I asked around at the health pharmacy around the corner. The assistant told me to go online to your site. I was amazed at all the remedies here. Imagine my surprise when I found SAD Soother! It was JUST what she needed… - Joe, UK
This has been amazing for me. I hate the winter season! No more doom and gloom when I wake up and look outside, I just grab SAD Soother, and a few drops later, I feel ready to face the day…. - Klinton
“I have been on a research project for 6 months in the near-darkness. I started to feel really low and missed the sunshine…. My mom sent me SAD Soother in a care package and I think it is just wonderful. I felt better after taking it – and not so gloomy! My mom says that she can "hear" the happiness in my e-mails!” -Gretchen, Alaska
“Great product, great service, great site – well done!” - Emile