Sniffly Sprinkles Testimonials

Homeopathic decongestant to clear chest congestion and stuffy noses in children including infants.

When Tyler was sick last week, our whole family was miserable. Nobody was getting any sleep, and of course, we felt sorry for the poor little tyke. Your Sniffly Sprinkles really helped. Within a few hours, I could hear he was breathing more easily and looked like he was feeling better. After a good night’s sleep, he was back to his usual self - what a pleasure! Thank you for a great kid’s remedy that really works! - Becky
Sniffly Sprinkles should be a standard requirement for every mother’s medicine cupboard! They have helped my children time and again. I even took some to my neighbor for her little girl, and I made a friend for life! - J.O.
“My twin boys are 10 months old. They are very fussy …especially when they are not well… until now! These Sniffly Sprinkles are amazing, and no fuss at all. Best of all, they really help with runny noses, coughs, and fussing when my boys are not feeling well. Thank you for a product that I know can’t harm them!” - Shayla, CA, USA
“I have become a favorite uncle thanks to Sniffly Sprinkles. My sister calls me at the first signs of sniffles with my nieces and nephews. She already uses KiddieBoost, but I get to bring ‘round the sprinkles – which the kids love. I’ve been told they look forward to it when they start coughing and sneezing, and they sleep better too! Thanks a lot.” - Trey
“I run a daycare for 25 kids. Almost daily, one of them has a runny nose. I have been using Sniffly Sprinkles for a month now (with the parents’ permission, of course) and the outcome has been very positive. I really love that they are completely safe and natural. Thanks from my little tots for [a remedy] that tastes great, too! Good job!” - J.O.