PureCalm Testimonials

Natural anxiety remedy to calm stress, worry, panic, fear, uneasiness, nervousness and apprehension.

I am 26 years old and have been having problems... but as of late it has become increasingly strong. It has interfered with my job and with other things that I do. It has also been hard for me to leave the house at times because of the fear and …[nervousness] I feel inside. ... I have always been interested in more natural/herbal formulas and so I searched to find something that might help me and that is when I came across your website. I saw all the great testimonials and that the products were natural/herbal formulated and so I decided to give the PureCalm a try. I have been on it for about 3 weeks now and I can't believe how I feel! I feel really good and haven't had much problems... I take it about 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and just before I go to bed. I now feel much more calm than I ever have and that feels soooo unbelievably nice. I am truly amazed and I just came back again and ordered another order so I will be all set for the next several months. I am really happy that I found this website and can't give you enough applause and praise from me for finally being able to supply those of us who need it, a natural based formula that truly works. Thank you so very much. Anyone who is looking for a more natural alternative or something instead all those prescription formulas then please give one of these formulas a try, you might be pleasantly surprised as maybe all of us were but you really have nothing to lose. This company is truly a godsend. - Carly, MA, USA
This product is remarkable! My 9yr old daughter has…[not wanted] to go to school in the past few weeks. Within just a few days of taking this product, she is sleeping better, waking up with a better attitude and actually making it to school on time. Thank you! I will definitely be ordering more. - M.I.
I ordered PureCalm and have been taking it for about a week now. It seems to be working for me and I'm very thankful there's something natural I can take. Thank you. - Jennifer, IL, USA
...After taking PureCalm [my ten year old son] instantly felt better... in fact my husband has been having a really stressful time at work and his patience has worn thin. He has been taking the drops and swears they help him stay calm and get through the day. I live in the UK and the doctors here prescribed strong medication for my son I really didn't want him to take them so this product is my saving grace. - Yvonne T., UK
I have been married to my wife for 37 years and we have shared many difficult times together. As she went through the change of life around her mid forties, I noticed a change in her ability to manage stress in her life. She has tried many different items on the market to help her over come her feelings... but none has helped. She has been using PureCalm for only three weeks, but we both have observed a noticeable change in her ability to remain in control, adjust to changes in our schedule/life and most importantly; she is able to work through stress issues. She has had no negative side affects, just a calm in control feeling in her daily life. - John R.
…[PureCalm] really seems to work for me. Thank you. -Anonymous
I have ordered before and was extremely happy with the results i.e. I am ordering again as …[PureCalm] really works for me. - Christy, UK
I have found PureCalm extremely useful in my tapering off of a very addictive drug. It really works and I feel almost instant relief. The drops are easy to use in water or juice. I am so happy that I have found Native Remedies. I am doing very well on my taper and feel no ill effects whatsoever. I will continue to use PureCalm even after my taper ends. Thank you so much. -Chris, UK
Hello, PureCalm is working for me and I'm able to just jump up and go places now without thinking about the fear. I used to bite my finger nails, not any more they are soooo long. Thank you. - Anita, IL, USA
This stuff is great, thank you... - Colleen, FL, USA
“Very satisfied. I was caught in NYC during the blackout and I have to say I was not anxious or fearful. My motivation is back, my drive and passions are resumed and I'm not on edge.” - Jo-anne, NJ, USA
“I ordered your PureCalm product a couple weeks ago and I can honestly say, it works! ...I only use it once or twice a day, but it definitely has calmed [me].” - Ken, USA
“I am a very nervous person and usually avoid talking to other people. So you can imagine how difficult it was when I had to go for a job interview! I took 15 drops of PureCalm in water before I left home and I could feel it working within about 5 minutes. I felt more relaxed and my heart wasn't beating so hard. I could talk okay in the interview and of course I got the job!” - Ally, South Africa
“I found this product by browsing the internet and I was very relieved when I found you. ...I ordered PureCalm and it is great! All my symptoms are almost gone, no worries ever. Thanks, keep up the good work.” - Heidi, NC, USA
“For the past month, my nervous system has been experiencing a state of shock [from] withdrawal. However, when I use your product PureCalm my symptoms become bearable compared to a Nazi torture chamber. ...PureCalm is helping me big time.” - Neal, USA
“For years I struggled... Every time I had to speak to anyone, I would feel as if I was choking and my heart would beat so fast it felt like it would jump out of my mouth. I kept imagining that I was coming down with some dread disease like cancer. All I could do was avoid people. During my worst times, I couldn't even go to the shops and my husband had to do everything for me…Eventually a doctor referred me to Michele Carelse. She taught me how to control [myself] with correct breathing and I also learnt to change the thought patterns that were making me …[nervous]. I took Mindsoothe everyday to improve the functioning of my nervous system... Michele also recommended PureCalm for me to take for when I became stressed and panicky. I won't say that I am never …[nervous] now, but I am far better than I ever was - and I know what to do when I feel [it] coming on and how to prevent it. I can talk to people again and can go out and enjoy myself in the shopping malls.” - Linda
“My name is Cheryl, I have been using PureCalm for a couple of months. I have been going through a great deal... So I prayed and asked God for help for I knew I needed something. One night real late I got out of bed and went on the computer and started looking for help... your product came up... So I read about what it does and how it would help with what I am going through. I ordered some and praise God it works!!! ...Thank you so much for having a natural product out there for us. God bless.” - Cheryl B., MN, USA
“I began working for a computer company after I graduated and I was soon promoted up the ranks. The higher I got, the more nervous I became until it began to affect my health. My stomach was always in a knot, I had headaches and I couldn't breathe properly. When I had to do a presentation, I used to stress for about a week and I could hardly sleep a wink! I'm not really the sort of person to complain but I really couldn't take it anymore. I felt like resigning! Taking Mindsoothe and PureCalm has saved my life and I have learned to control …[myself] at work.” - Keith
“A friend lent me a bottle and it's helping me. thank you. :)” - Monika, Ontario, Canada
“Frances was a young mother of 26 with two young children under the age of five. She had seen me regularly during her teens when I had treated her for an eating disorder and low self-esteem. As a young adult, she was doing well and she was happily married to a kind and supportive man who was in an executive position and very busy climbing the corporate ladder. Francis came to see me on occasion to seek advice on parenting and often just to 'touch base'. Although she loved them dearly, her two young children often left her feeling drained and she had recently begun working again in a part time position. After many years out of the job market, Francis found that she had lost confidence in herself and she told me that her stomach was in knots every morning…I advised Francis to try taking a few drops of PureCalm in a little water before leaving for work and to repeat the dose if necessary during the day. This she did with very good effect! Before long she had convinced her husband to try PureCalm too, to help him with his symptoms of executive stress. I encouraged the family to go for a walk together every evening and to replace their frequent cups of coffee with soothing herbal teas.” - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
PureCalm has helped me remarkably I find myself wanting to be around my family and friends and I'm no longer afraid to be in large groups of people. I also find it a lot easier to engage in conversation with others. This is a great product!” - Michael, FL, USA
“Julia (married, 33 years old) came to see me on the advice of her doctor. She was suffering from recurring …[tension]…. Medical investigation revealed no obvious cause and her doctor was concerned that Julia's…[tension] was psychological in origin. … Apart from the stress related to caring for a young family, Julia did not seem to have any particular problems which could be causing her [tension] …and there was no sign of an underlying problem from her childhood… I put her on a detox diet and recommended that she take MiGone Plus daily, cautioning her that it might take a month or more for her to see positive effects. During the first week, Julia's …[tension] continued and she used PureCalm to relax and help…By the second week, her …[tension] was less frequent and much less severe and Julia was beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel…” - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
“I suffered for more than 15 years until I came across PureCalm. Since taking PureCalm, I've been able to do many things which were impossible for me. I would deliberately decline invitations to events and a nights out with friends [which were] usually a frightening experience. I feel much better now.” - A.D. Canada
“…PureCalm really seems to help immediately. I can take it when I am stressed or know I am about to be in a stressful situation and it truly calms me without sedation… At this point, I highly recommend PureCalm…” — SMC, TX, USA
“I have used PureCalm for many years… This product really works. Thank you for a truly awesome product.” — Ray, NJ, USA
“I started using PureCalm about 6 years ago for [nerve problems] that were overtaking over my life, and I was so desperate to find a product that would help me. I am SO THANKFUL I found PureCalm because it allowed me to function…” — Maria, CA, USA

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