PureCalm Testimonials

Natural anxiety remedy to calm stress, worry, panic, fear, uneasiness, nervousness and apprehension.

“I started two of my four boys on Focus Formula and BrightSpark and PureCalm 8 weeks ago. I have noticed it has helped, though it was not enough for my 11-year-old, who has hyperactivity, impulsiveness and [concentration issues]…. My 6-year-old has been doing better as well on BrightSpark, PureCalm and Focus [Formula]. It helps him while he is attending his kindergarten class. Thank you Native Remedies! I just reordered today.” - A. Smith, VA, USA
I've NEVER written a testimonial about any product before but I know there are people like me who are currently suffering… I've been using PureCalm for about three weeks and IT WORKS! I was on mind numbing [medications] for 5 years… I stopped taking them and I was about to start them again because the [issue] was getting worse. I can't believe how well this stuff works. I've been using it twice per day in the early morning and afternoon along with my usual dose of fish oil. I'm able to carry on a conversation without going blank and I no longer have the need react to situations… AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! - Arilia, USA
I have had [nervous tension] for a year now and I have gotten a lot better because of PureCalm- when I feel like I am getting …nervous I just take some and in less than 15 minutes I am more relaxed and I sleep better at night after taking it… Thank God for Native Remedies; truly, thank you. - Janet, FL, USA
I was very skeptical if this product would work -but after a couple hrs of researching it and reading almost every testimony and looking at other websites I - decided to try it and purchase PureCalm- wow what a great distress and anxiety liquid. I add to my cup of juice and tea-has no odor and no after taste - or bitter taste - I just add about 10 or 20 drops to my tea/juice and I almost immediately in 10 or 15 min later - feel the anxiety …an stress subside and - and gone - this is magic in this bottle -- PureCalm - I have bouts of anxiety -brought on by stress a lot but never wanted to get hooked on taking meds for it -rather control it through breathing or - another way of controlling it - PureCalm has gotten control back in my life - thank u very much. - Richard L., NY, USA
I came across your internet site when I desperately was searching for answers why my 12 year old son was having anxiety ...He was on [medication] but after about 1 year the [issues] came back and the doctor did not answer my questions. PureCalm works within 10 minutes. The first time I gave it to my son I was blown away how quickly it worked. I tried it out on myself when I had a really bad day, because I wanted to know how Pure Calm works. It helped me, too, within a few minutes just by blocking those disruptive thoughts that made my day so miserable. That was 4 years ago. PureCalm also helped me to taper my son off the [medication]. It has its place in my medicine cabinet and always will. PureCalm is an amazing product.” - Regina W., TX, USA
WOW!! Calm Tonic along with PureCalm are both wonderful... I am in a very high-stress profession, and have an aversion to the pharmaceutical deluge that was prescribed to me by medical doctors. I have never had the results I wanted from those prescribed meds, and also hated the sluggish-feeling side effects of all I tried. After MUCH research, I made a commitment to give your products a three month trial period. I have had wonderful results, and it has been very apparent in much less than the three months I had set aside. Here is to a happier, healthier me. Thank you so much. - Jan F., TX, USA
I ordered ThyroSoothe and PureCalm…on 6/16/11 and received [them] on 6/18. FAST shipment! Thank you so much! Second, I've been using the two as directed since then, and I must admit I feel a difference…. This is big for a high-strung, stressed person [like me]…. This is truly GREAT STUFF…. I'm very pleased, and I will be ordering more. You can count on it!!!! Thank you so much for this product, and thank the Creator for directing me to this site in my search for answers. Thank you. - Chad T., USA
Hi, I would like to say that the PureCalm has really given me my life back, as I am able to function again. One day, I almost gave up hope, after all was almost lost...but somehow it was a blessing to have found this site. I'm thankful that I made the call. Thank you, and bless you and all your staff! - Ophelia, TX, USA
…After purchasing the PureCalm, I felt like I had help - finally! I will recommend these products to all my friends and family. - Heidi, PA, USA
I have two special needs children (they are six and seven years old). We have been using PureCalm and Focus Formula on both of them for about 8 months and their teachers are amazed and tell us to keep doing what we are doing! …I recommend PureCalm to any parent... - Richard, NV, USA
I want to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am to have found your products. So grateful in fact that I am thinking of adding them as a product line to my store. I am not one that puts a lot of value in testimonies. I usually tend to think that the people giving them are paid to say what they say, but here I am now giving one. What compels me to write this is how I watched my husband …I got on the internet and this site popped up on my first search. I subsequently ordered the PureCalm for him. We were willing to try anything at this point. He started taking the PureCalm and seems more at peace with life. I want to thank you, your staff and anyone else involved with these products. You have given me back the man I married. Thank You!! -Nancy, NY, USA
Your PureCalm is wonderful for me and also my neighbor’s 12-year-old daughter. I am having trouble coping with the fact that my 18-yr-old grandson is going to boot camp and was going off the deep end; I took PureCalm and am happy to say I am coping and my neighbor has had her 12-year-old daughter to doctors for months trying to get help with her nerves, but was unsuccessful. I had a bottle of PureCalm I gave her and she is a happy 12-year-old again. No more nerve problems. Thank you for your product. It’s great. Please don't stop making it. I have suffered with panic attacks for 40 yrs. Nothing helped, just drugged me up and made me feel awful, but this just makes you feel great, like you could take on anything. Again, thanks. - Cathy M., TN, USA
I'm in love with this product! Without PureCalm, I think I would have been lost forever. I was losing my mind… but after taking PureCalm along with MindSoothe, I'm back to myself again. Before PureCalm, I was miserable, and was afraid that I would have to live [like this] the rest of my life. I dreaded the night because that's when I have the spill... but thanks to PureCalm I thing I have overcome the demon. I thank you (NativeRemedies.com) for a wonderful product. - Jamie, TX, USA
I've been taking PureCalm for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be working. It makes me more relaxed whenever I have to go out anywhere or if I have to go to class… - Nina, FL, USA
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you Native Remedies for this wonderful PureCalm product. …After I started taking PureCalm, within few days I stopped taking [my prescription] and started sleeping better, started living my normal life. It is not addictive at all-- now I only take when I really need it. Thank you. It works great!! You changed my life. - Nicky, MA, USA
“Hi, I am a 36 year old woman... I was at my wits end as a single working mother of a teenage daughter. I was losing hours at work leaving... and unable to shop or go anywhere with my daughter for entertainment, etc. Even stopping at the local pharmacy for a bottle of detergent or something quick was nearly impossible to do. I was researching on the Internet for a cure or other methods of [help] when I came upon this site. I take PureCalm twice a day and MindSoothe (2 capsules), twice a day... I have my life back. I have my freedom back. This is definitely a blessing. I am truly grateful. Thank you so much!!!” - Christine, PA, USA
“I just came back for my 4th order of this product, yes, it really works. I have been dealing with [this] for about 2 years now. For anyone who has never had [it], it is one of the most frightening things you could ever experience. Usually when I get it I feel like the room is closing in on me and I can't breathe. The middle of my stomach/chest also feels like it is going to explode. I seem to get a lot of them when I am alone in my room at night trying to sleep. I pull the covers over my head and just wish that I would disappear... It is hard going through these. Like they say, life is hard enough without having to deal with things like that. This PureCalm solution has literally saved my life so many times. It has made me feel normal and sane again and makes me feel like I can face the day or whatever comes my way without fear. I really like that this product is natural and has no side effects. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product, it really does work and I advise anybody to try it, you won't be disappointed.” - Carla, MA, USA
“Thank you for these products. I purchased MindSoothe & PureCalm for my brother... and he has had complete, immediate, relief! Also, shipping was quick. THANK YOU!” - Molie, MI, USA
“I purchased PureCalm and K-OK Kiddie Calmer for my 5 year old son, Matthew... He has had many early interventions including speech and occupational therapies. He is currently attending Kindergarten in a public school. It is a 12:1:1 self contained setting. When the director asked me to think about putting him on meds I was against it... They wanted to start mainstreaming him because he is so smart. So I went online and found your company. I received the package the day after Thanksgiving and gave him his first daily dosage. Matthew slept the entire night! He usually woke up everyday at 3am and climbed into our bed. The teachers noticed a change... the first day back! He now could separate from me and get through his day easier. We are also taking Matthew to an Audiologist twice a week. The results were so amazing that we have been recommending your products to others. The reason we choose Native Remedies is because there are no side effects…related to your products. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME THE TOOLS TO HELP MY SON TOWARDS A MORE PRODUCTIVE LIFE” - Sharon R.
“Just want to say how happy I am to find this site. Several months ago my daughter... had head jerking and yelping sounds, also acting uncontrollably and after taking MindSoothe Jr., combined with PureCalm and BrightSpark everyday, with a bit of juice, we have seen a dramatic change for the better. I also noticed that if she misses a couple of days without the product the condition comes back full force. I will continue to give her this as long as I can. Thank you again. Need to reorder. ” - Evelyn, NY, USA
“...I have been using PureCalm now for about five months. I was really going through hard times... I was finding myself wanting just to stay at home because I thought no one would understand the fears I was dealing with. ...I wanted something natural. One night when I couldn't fall asleep, I went down stairs and prayed asking God please show me what to do... I came to this sight and saw the ads for all natural products. This is what I have been looking for. I ordered the product and got it quickly from the company. I tried it right away. Praise God it worked!!! Now I am telling all my friends, family members and even my doctor. I don't have to take drugs I can do the natural way. Since being on the product I can now go places I couldn't before. I am truly grateful to your company for making PureCalm. I hope and pray that PureCalm helps others as it has done for me.” - Cheryl, MN, USA
“I have two special needs children (they are six and seven years old). We have been using PureCalm and Focus on both of them for about 8 months and their teachers are amazed and tell us to keep doing what we are doing!! My son started on PureCalm about three months ago – he was frustrated and had difficulty communicating his feelings. PureCalm has allowed him the inner peace needed to verbalize his emotion!! I compare his thinking to trying to jump onto a speeding merry-go-round, once it slowed he could connect, and he has! I recommend PureCalm to any parent who suspects that their child has a runaway mind and can't slow down enough to have a proper childhood.” - Richard, NV
“You have changed my life!!! I have been suffering... for years but unaware of it, until it became so debilitating I could no longer pretend nothing was wrong. Before trying the prescription drug route, I found this website and decided to give [PureCalm] a try. While I felt calmer immediately, the real changes came within a couple of weeks. I cannot thank you enough. I sleep better, I can handle everyday stress better, I'm not nearly as irritable, I feel better about myself and for the first time in years feel genuine peace of mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will spread the word about this website to anyone and everyone!” - Kim, Washington, D.C., USA
“...I was leery of trying anything over the internet and had looked at websites for the last few years. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm always afraid of trying new medicine in fear of side effects. If anyone reads this and is afraid to try it; don't be. I have been on PureCalm and Triple [Complex] Calm Tonic for about a month, and I can honestly say it has changed my life... Thank you Natural Remedies for my daily relief.” - Teresa K., IL, USA
“It works! ...I have been trying all that you can imagine, and finally I found PureCalm. It is a blessing for me and my family. I have my life back, and I want to recommend this to others... because this really works and fast! I'm free of them now, thanks to your remedies. Thank you, thank you. ” - Paola N., CA, USA
“...What a blessing your products have become to my family.” - Donna, LA, USA
“...I use PureCalm and I really like it. When I first got it I used it a couple of times a day. Now I use it only as needed, which is very seldom. I recommend this natural product. It's great” - Traci, MN, USA
“Thank you for existing! We have had a long struggle with our now 6 year old son. He is non-verbal with only hit and miss words in or out of context. Thank goodness Chris has no temper or obsessive compulsive tendencies yet, but we have had a time trying to calm him down as he is a very busy child. I finally found you! After only 3 weeks on Focus Formula, BrightSpark, PureCalm, and MindSoothe - we have had a full 3 days of many words with intent and interactive play! The doctor's office was able to take his blood pressure first try, and he didn't need to be restrained while checking his ears! You are a blessing and wish I could shout it from the roof tops!” - Vicki, TX, USA
“With PureCalm, which I have been taking for a week, I got totally relieved from the stress I had at work causing me serious and scary palpitations. Your product really saved my life in many different ways. Thank you. Thank you!!!” - Fiona, FL, USA
“I purchased both PureCalm and MindSoothe... I was doubtful if it would work at first but at this point I was open to trying something new. ...I waited to use the PureCalm in the situations where I would [need it] and I was so excited to find that it worked for me! It worked so well I almost didn't even notice. There were no side effects at all after taking it and it began to work in about 15 minutes. I felt very calm and relaxed... I chose not to use the MindSoothe as I didn't seem to need it. The PureCalm worked fine on its own... Hope this helps someone else to give PureCalm a try. It was money well spent.” - Keri, Canada

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