StretchEasy Formula Testimonials

Natural homeopathic remedy to help improve skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks in pregnancy.

Thank you for your excellent stretch mark remedies! …I used the [Native Remedies] StretchEasy Massage Oil religiously. Not only is my belly still relatively free of stretch marks after almost the full 9 months, but ...I ...look much better than before I was pregnant! - Theresa, NC
I feel I have to write and tell you how amazed I am ...after using your StretchEasy Formula. In recent years I have been feeling increasingly despondent at the state of my skin as age, gravity and pregnancies have taken their toll. I found your site and ordered Stretcheasy Formula during my third (and last!) pregnancy and thought I would give it a chance. I used this formula throughout my pregnancy and could really see the difference. My skin felt supple and healthier than it has in years ...a far cry from the havoc usually wrought on my skin by pregnancy. I will continue using this great supplement as long as it is available and look forward to seeing more improvements!' - Debbie
“Hi, I just wanted to say this stuff works. I just had my second child and did not get one stretch mark. With my first child I did get stretch marks, I wish I had used StretchEasy then. I would highly recommend this stuff. It works in preventing stretch marks. I hope this helps someone.'” - Mendoza, WA, USA
“I love it! Such a GREAT product!'” - Y. Gonzalez, TX, USA