Eddy Ear Sprinkles Testimonials

Natural remedy to support healthy child and baby ear hygiene and maintain normal ear wax levels.

Having used your natural products before, your site was my first choice when I needed something for my 3 year old’s ears. It’s great for me to know I have a supplier of natural remedies that I can trust! - Judith P.
Just wanted to let you know how much Ear-Ok Drops and the Eddy Ear Sprinkles have helped my 4 year old son, Troy. Using your natural ear drops and sprinkles has really helped. Four months on and all still looks good. I wish I had found this remedy years ago when I needed it for my daughter. Thanks again - Relieved mom
My friend recommended that I try natural remedies which I found on Google. These sprinkles are so easy to give and my daughter loves them. But best of all they work and we haven't looked back since! - Anna B.
My daughter had hearing loss … We avoided “tubes” and used Eddy Ear Sprinkles and the liquid remedy also available through your site. I am a well educated mother whose sister is a doctor and yet, I am certain it is not a coincidence …and her general health and immune system is better (considering that her toddler friends have all had long colds and ear infections this year). Thank you very much. She now often says, “can you hear that” in absolute delight… - Julie L., Ontario, Canada