AllergiClear Testimonials

Natural allergy remedy for nasal health to support healthy sinuses, a clear nose and refreshed eyes.

“After having success with some of your other products, I purchased AllergiClear for my significant other to try… He was always taking [over-the-counter medications] with minimal or short-lived relief, and one or two times a year he would have to go to urgent care for a sinus [issue] that would develop… He had …relief immediately from AllergiClear and continues to take it. He is no longer sending me to the pharmacy …and has made it a whole year without a sinus [issue]. Just this morning he asked me to place another order. AllergiClear definitely works. Since finding your website, I am noticing that our medicine cabinet is now being replaced with Native Remedies! We love your products! Thanks!” —Tanya, AZ, USA
“I was skeptical and weary after trying so many [other things] for months, which had no effect on my severe coughs but instead caused side effects like dry mouth, giddiness and shortness of breath. In my desperation, I even bought vaporizer, heat patch, ointment, anything I could think of to stop the cough. I almost gave up and then one night as I was doing research on the Internet, I stumbled upon this site, which recommended AllergiClear and also the SOS [Hista] Drops. I honestly didn't think they were going to work — but I thought it's herbal stuff so at least they won't be bad for my body. And I gave them a try… I just continued taking both twice a day. Nothing dramatic happened in the first couple of days. I was still coughing badly. And then as the weeks went by, I noticed I had fewer cough attacks. And then even before 1 month was up, my cough had completely stopped! And I felt better than ever. This is really an incredible product! If only I knew about it right from the start — all the time and money I wasted! I wanted to leave a feedback because these products really deserve it. Thank you Native Remedies!” — Irene, USA
“I am very pleased with your [product] — AllergiClear. Prior to using this — and having used quite a few other remedies — natural and allopathic, I suffered all day, every day with acute allergies from almost any and every source — deodorant spray, furniture polish, after the lawn was cut — you name it. I suffered badly with sneezing, running nose, headaches and irritated nose membranes. I take one tablet at night and one in the morning and two tablets at midday — this is working well for me, as the discomfort has certainly eased. Next week I will be reordering when my current supply is used up I hope after that I will not suffer anymore. ” — Doug
Now, what prompted me to buy AllergiClear is that I found an adorable kitten at a campsite. [I] couldn't leave her there for the coyotes to feast on, so I brought her home. One problem: I had a bad reaction to her… [I got] red, itchy, swollen eyes; sneezing; itchy, blotchy skin; and I ended up wheezing… I thought I would have to find her a new home. I will say, it took about a week or a little more for the remedy to work. But after two weeks, I am fine. No wheezing… More importantly, I can now pick up my sweet kitten, which I have named Heidi, and cuddle her with absolutely no problems. Native Remedy products rock! - Luella M., TX, USA
I would like to take a moment to announce the results that AllergiClear has had on my daughter and I. We both used your AllergiClear tablets and have not looked back. What an effective product this has turned out to be! Thank you once again! - Amy, PA, USA
These tablets and the drops have helped more than I can say. Native Remedies products have helped every time I have used them for anything… - Bennett, Australia
I just wanted to share with you the results I am having with your products. I (and, of course, my physician) was a little skeptical about whether or not the products would work for me, but I decided to try them anyway…Approximately 3 weeks ago, I went to my primary care physician, and told him I was not taking any prescription drugs anymore. He was not happy about that prospect, but I had decided that I was not better on the meds than I was off of them. At about the same time, or shortly before, I started using your BioVent. I have since gotten BronchoSoothe, AllergiClear, and SOS HistaDrops. I have yet to use the HistaDrops, but I have faithfully used the BioVent, AllergiClear, and have used the BronchoSoothe to alleviate wheezing when it has occurred… I must say that I am healthier than I have been in 7 years, and I am not having issues … nor have I had any problems since I started on “all natural” remedies. I will be ordering other products from you after I have gone through your catalog and discover what will help me. I will not be doing ANY prescription drugs. I feel that my body has been poisoned enough… Thank you for your products, and I am thankful that I found your web site. - Linda Y., USA
My husband and I use the AllergiClear. He used to have headaches every day, and I suffer a lot with … my ear. By just taking two in the morning, he now rarely complains…  I have experienced a major improvement…  The best way to notice the impact is by stopping for a day or two…! - Davida