Nature's Birth Drops Testimonials

Natural remedy with the blue cohosh herb known to support the natural childbirth process.

Three months ago I gave birth to my twins, and I have been meaning to contact you ever since-- but, as you can imagine, spare moments are hard to come by! I was quite nervous about going into labor-- as I really wanted to have a completely natural birth without drugs-- but I was worried about how I would cope …I wanted to let you know that because of your Nature's Birth Drops, all my worries were for nothing, as I had the most profound and special experience of childbirth-- and would do it again in a second for the two little bundles of joy I now have! - Cheryl, mom to Daniel and Benjamin.
Your Nature's Birth Drops and Eze-Birth Flower Essence were fantastic, and I would recommend these products to any pregnant woman! I also think the fact that I had a wonderful midwife who encouraged my use of these remedies and was open to my desire for a completely natural birth was also a major factor in my success. Thank you again for these wonderful products- my husband and I don't plan to wait too long for our next baby (we are both over 35) and your remedies will be the first thing on my shopping list when I get pregnant again! - S. P.
I am a [licensed] midwife with more than 20 years experience in natural childbirth, and thought I should write and tell you how useful I have found your remedies for my patients. I feel strongly that childbirth is a natural and miraculous process ...[and] I coach my patients in a variety of relaxation techniques and use different methods of pain relief, depending on the individual's needs and preferences. Your Nature's Birth Drops have been a wonderful addition to my list of "tricks" and I have seen the excellent …effects... Keep up the wonderful work- your remedies have helped so many of my patients already! - J.D. Licensed Midwife