Triple Complex BronchoSoothe Testimonials

Remedy for bronchial coughing, shortness of breath & chest tightness, especially in cold air.

My 4-year-old son started having wheezing and coughing after strenuous exercise in cooler weather last year. In an attempt to avoid prescribed [medicines], I ordered BronchoSoothe first as a trial. One or two doses always does the trick. As we head into the winter season again, I will monitor his use and I suspect I will probably be ordering the BioVent Drops for maintenance too. Since finding your website, I am noticing our medicine cabinet is now being replaced with Native Remedies! Love your products! Thanks! - Tanya, AZ, USA
I have used your products with great success. [As instructed], I immediately suck four Triple Complex BronchoSoothe tablets every 10 minutes as prescribed. This is the most effective [remedy] I have used. - DH, Florida
I can recommend Triple Complex BronchoSoothe with no hesitation. - Jamie L.
I wanted to thank you so much for recommending the Triple Complex BronchoSoothe for my son of 5. We have been very impressed at the way it works so quickly. After the success of Triple Complex BronchoSoothe I have ordered your BioVentdrops to use on a daily basis. We are very hopeful that using these two products together will continue to help our son. Thanks for a really good product! - Gillian B.
Absolutely a life saver! I just place two to four pills under my tongue then I lay back and relax… Excellent product!!! What are you waiting for, ORDER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Shannon, MI, USA
My 4 year old had terrible persistant coughing and wheezing, due to his diagnosis of asthma. Little did we know how dehydrated he was and how weak hs kidneys became. After the first day of BioVent drops, his coughing stopped. It has been five months and there were two times when his allergies flared up and coughing started. I gave him the BioVent drops and Triple Complex BronchoSoothe both times. The coughing disappeared and he is a normal little boy now that can run and play. Thank you for saving his life!! — Rose V., CA
“I would like to thank you for this good product [BronchoSoothe] has helped me with my breathing and when I am walking. I plan to us your products for a long time and will inform others about your products.” — Rejoyce L., CA, USA
“I have been using BioVent, SOS Hista drops and Triple Complex BronchoSoothe! I can't tell you how grateful I am for these products. I had been using something else for almost 2 years and it seemed I was always getting upper respiratory infections. I was at my wits end! I have always preferred natural products. So when I chanced upon your website, I was excited. I have been using these products for several months and guess what - no bronchitis this Fall! This is the first time in years that I haven't been sick from the middle of September thru the holidays! Thank you so much! These products are excellent and really do work!!!”

— Lee, PA, USA

“Where do I begin about this awesome product of yours. My 4 year old daughter was getting [sick] and she coughed all night until I started giving her BronchoSoothe every 10 minutes. I'm telling you she didn't cough for the rest of the day or through out the night or the next day. She was her happy little self. Although I treated her with plenty of other natural remedies to help other affected areas, this product was strong enough to liven her with out the chest pain and irritated lungs. Thank you so much for this product Native Remedies, God bless you!”

Shonell P., WI, USA

“This preparation really works, and it stops an asthma attack in its tracks. I am so grateful I found this remedy. Thank You!!!!”

— Liz G., USA

“Wow, the effectiveness of both of these products are indescribably incredible! I was very skeptical at first, but after reading the testimonials, I figured I had nothing to lose. So, I placed my order, and I can not explain how extremely grateful I am that I did! My wife has SEVERE… [breathing issues] and I'm either up with her all night, or in the hospital with her for two or three days at a time, frequently. Since I'm an advocate for homeopathic/holistic healing, I tried everything I knew to help her control her…episodes, but absolutely nothing worked. The day I researched the Internet and found this product, her night had been heart-wrenchingly difficult, and her morning increasingly worse. It got so bad that she ended up going to the hospital, and being admitted, but what was even more disturbing was she had to tell the doctors how to do their job. She was there for four hours, and still had not gotten any relief. Finally, she called the doctor into the room and told him that she usually receives..[various] treatments and so forth, and it wasn't until then that she got at least a little relief. I was so disturbed by this that I promised myself I would search relentlessly until I found an effective, quality, whole food product that would assure she would never have to experience such a horrific situation EVER again. It was then that I found BronchoSoothe, and the BioVent Drops. My wife has only been taking both for the past three days, and she's gotten more relief than she ever has…whatever so many doctors had prescribed her. I must say, "We both are indescribably amazed by how quickly these products worked, because from my experience, it usually takes several weeks for homeopathic remedies to take full effect, but that just wasn't true for these products. They both started working immediately, and my wife got relief about 30 seconds after taking them. The reason I even decided to get out of bed and write this testimonial tonight was because my wife came in the bedroom and gave me a giant kiss as she expressed, "Baby, I don't know where you found these products, but I do know with the relief I've gotten, you definitely had to have put a lot of love into searching for them. I feel better, now, than I've ever felt… "I love you, baby." That was enough to make me get up and tell everyone who comes across this website, "Don't waste another moment to get the relief you undoubtly deserve and will receive from these two products. Not only are they safe, natural and effective, but they work almost immediately, unlike anything else on the market...and they TASTE great, too, like candy!" =)”

— Universe K., NJ, USA