Prostate Dr. Testimonials

Natural herbal remedy to support prostate gland health and help maintain normal levels of PSA.

Hello to the Native Remedies team! I have virtually tried every product on and off the market - UNTIL I tried your product Prostate Dr. I just had my six month evaluation with my urologist. I showed him the product, and he told me to continue using it... Keep developing the "good stuff", and thank you, Native Remedies team! - Ed K., USA
...Excellent product, many thanks. - Ed, FL, USA
I think I should tell you that I've almost finished the first bottle of Prostate Dr. and I think it is everything you advertised it to be... I'm glad I found you. - Ken Wilson, Indian Harbor Beach, Fl, USA
A couple of months ago I ordered from you a bottle of Prostate Dr., which has had a brilliant effect! I now wish to repeat the order… - Diane (on behalf of her husband), UK
I am only taking Prostate Dr., and I would have to say it is working for me! - Michael, Canada
...As I always prefer natural medicines, I decided to give the Prostate Dr. a try before considering prescription drugs. I was surprised... After a few days I was sleeping through the night again and could urinate much more easily. I can recommend your remedy to any man... - Frank, USA
I am very impressed... For the first time in years I don't have to get up to go to the bathroom a few times a night. - Dan, South Africa
...I have a [healthy] flow when I urinate… I can feel my bladder emptying properly and am not up and down to the bathroom every night! - William B., USA
My doctor reluctantly agreed to let me try Prostate Dr. instead of the conventional medicine, and he is very impressed... I am happy to say that Prostate Dr. has made a big difference... Thank you for a very good product! - Simon G., Sunlands, Australia
Your Prostate Dr. [supports my bladder] tremendously! It was so embarrassing to be 'leaking' all over the place and it felt like there was always something pressing on my bladder. Honestly, I started to feel like an old man and I was always worried that I would smell of urine... For the first time in ages I feel... comfortable - Colin, USA
I have been plagued … for the past 3 years, having tried pills, ointments, light therapy, etc. Taking Prostate Dr. for the last 6 days, I have experienced positive results. So far, I get up twice a night instead of 5 or 6 times, have reduced burning sensations and a higher rate of flow when urinating. For this participant, Prostate Dr. has become a miracle worker. My sincere gratitude to Native Remedies and all who help serve the needs of their fellow man. - Ray M., MN, USA
…I went online to maybe find something better. Everybody claims this and that about their product. Needless to say, they did not work. Then I saw this ad with all of these testimonials. Now that caught my eye. So I tried it and have been using it for about 2yrs. My prostate is going back to normal …and I love it. Thank you, Prostate Dr. at Native Remedies. - Mel P., NY, USA
Hello, this Prostate Dr. is the best product by far. Wow! Keep up the good work. - Carl, USA
“Cheers, I ordered three bottles [of Prostate Dr.] on the 10th of November and received them on the 18th of November in the UK. Excellent service and an excellent product.” -Bob C., England, UK
“…My wife did some research and came across … Prostate Dr. One week after I started taking it I felt better... I bought three [bottles] and I am finishing the last one. I am ready to place another order of Prostate Dr. I really recommend it. Take it as directed. ” - Gary, AR, USA