DigestAssist Testimonials

Natural remedy for digestive system health to help maintain healthy normal levels of stomach acid.

I have struggled ...and used to despair that I could lead a normal life. My doctor told me to 'live with it' . I wanted to let you know that I have tried a huge number of 'solutions', including natural remedies and prescription medicines, but none have come close to helping me like your products have. I take Gastronic Dr. every day and I NEVER go out without the DigestAssist drops! If I do have an attack, I can control it quite quickly and the symptoms are far less severe. I have to confess that I smoke and like my toddy at night, but I think that if I reduce or stop this as advised by Michele, I will finally have complete relief-- no thanks to my doctor-- but lots of thanks to Native Remedies! - Carlos
I used to be able to eat anything, but as I got older I had to be so careful with my food. Things improved after I cut out dairy products, but I was always worrying... One good thing was that I lost weight, but I did not enjoy my food and even stopped going out. Since using your products, things have changed for the better and I can control my symptoms by myself without chewing on expensive tablets all the time. - Lydia
Thanks to your sound advice and superb products, my digestive problems are a thing of the past. I have recommended them to a girlfriend ...and she's already seeing results after only two weeks. - Sidney