TinnaRex Testimonials

Treatment to naturally promote healthy ears and support clear undisturbed hearing.

“I am a lucky person testing TinnaRex. I have had never tested such an effective remedy. I have no more [issues]. Thank you very much.” — Ajet M., Albania
“I have suffered… for twenty years. I have not had it for a long time, then suddenly it cropped up. I tried other vitamins to get rid of it— they didn't do it, so I went online and did some research and was delighted when I came upon this website and found TinnaRex. I have had great success with this product. I am on it seven weeks and it is making my life so much better. I keep taking it; I notice some times that it comes back and when I take a dosage of the drops it goes away. Thank you for giving me some enjoyment back in my life.” — Maryann, FL, USA
For the last 5 years I have had tinnitus and was almost constantly bothered by a low roaring noise in my ears. My doctor could find no physical cause for it and advised me to learn to live with it - which I accepted very reluctantly! A friend of mine who is a loyal Native Remedies customer found your TinnaRex remedy for me and suggested I give it a go - I certainly had nothing to lose and she has had only good experiences with your company and products. I used the remedy for several weeks and began to notice the sound becoming quieter and less obvious. Some days I would stop what I was doing and try to concentrate on whether I could hear the noise or not - an unbelievable improvement for me! I now seldom hear the roaring sound and when I do an extra dose of TinnaRex generally quiets it down within minutes. I must thank you for such a great product - it has really brought me peace and quiet I thought I would never have. - Muriel
TinnaRex has been super for the ringing in my ears that nothing else had helped. I tried changing my diet, wearing a special hearing aid and a few medications that had no effect at all. Your product has stopped the ringing completely. I am so relieved to find something that works and, although I was willing to try anything, all the better that it is a safe and natural remedy! - Richard
I have suffered with Tinnitus for over seven years. I thought I would never find any relief. It was getting so bad the tinnitus was driving me crazy. Anyone who has experienced this can understand exactly where I am coming from. I started looking on the internet for any kind of help. The doctors I visited were understanding, but not helpful. By chance, I found TinnaRex and thank God I did. I used it for ten days before I noticed there was almost no noise. It was the most relief I have had in seven years. I could not believe it. At times, I still hear a buzzing sound from time to time, but it doesn't even bother me. I have never given a testimonial in my life, but I felt the need to do this and maybe help other tinnitus suffers that feel there is no help. I'd just learn to live with it, and it really got old. Thanks for the help. - Greg O., KY, USA