Triple Complex UT Tonic Testimonials

Natural UTI remedy for treating bladder and urinary tract infections in children and in pregnancy.

Just wanted to let u know how pleased I am with [Triple Complex] UT Tonic- have been taking for 1 and 1/2 weeks... went to doctor for … check up.... after taking [Triple Complex] UT Tonic, [I am better]!! Great stuff!! I am continuing to take 2-3 times a day [as maintenance prevention] …since I have 2 and 1/2 bottles left (smile). Also, FemaLube is so great!! Used [another brand] I bought at drug store, not pleased with it; it got all sticky and messy and unpleasant... went to health food store and bought [another] not so good either... neither can compare (for me) with FemaLube!!! Finally a product that is right for me!! No drying out, no stickiness, just pure and healthy, and most of all, makes sex very exciting once again! My husband was very impressed with FemaLube too. Thank you soooooo much for such great healthy products, next I want to try the Thanda Passion Booster; your products are far superior to any other I have found at retail health stores! …I try to be very healthy and use the best of products for my body. I am [healthy], and I intend to stay that way with healthy food and exercise, and with your healthy products. Thank you for being so conscientious with your wonderful products!! - Nancy R.
I had frequent bladder infections over the last few years and always went on [medication], which I hated. When I saw your website, I ordered both the UTI-Clear and the [Triple Complex] UT Tonic. I am just now getting over another bladder infection, and thanks to your products, I did not have to start [medicine] again. Your products are wonderful, plus your customer service is outstanding. You have gained a lifelong customer!!!! Thank you so much. - Philomena J.T., PA, USA
Thanks for a fantastic product! I searched the Web for a natural alternative [while I was pregnant], and have been very pleased with the results. - Brenda
At my age (71), I started taking Triple Complex UT Tonic to assist my urinary system. I used the UTI-Clear drops at first, and then switched to a daily dose of three capsules of Triple Complex UT Tonic until the bottle of 360 was used up. It took a month to fully appreciate the results ...Thank you, guys. You're the greatest. - Margaret
My baby is only 18 months old. I was referred to your product and we have not looked back! Since beginning your Triple Complex UT Tonic, for the past 6 months she has been as content as other babies her age, which is like a miracle to me! I wish I had heard of you before! Thank you so much!. - Happy Mother
Triple Complex UT Tonic is AMAZING! I never had a UTI before, but am 37 and just got my first one. It was so painful. I went straight to the Internet for some advice, and came across this product. I ordered it right away with overnight shipping, and it was on my doorstep by the next morning... Thank you so much for such a wonderful [product]... - Melissa, NJ, USA
“I have tried expensive medications before to help with my bladder issues. But UT Tonic works SO MUCH BETTER, and is a much better price. I was very, very skeptical about herbal remedies but my cousin gave me a bottle free, and I've been hooked ever since. I can't tell enough people about this product! I even told my physician, and he's referring people to UT Tonic based on my recommendation. Thanks so much for creating a safe, affordable and effective product I feel good about taking.” - Nancy D., TN, USA
“My daughter was diagnosed… at 5 months of age…she would end up in the hospital each month...UNTIL I found Native Remedies! She has not been hospitalized for TWO YEARS and I'm so thankful… You have my gratitude for discovering and producing the [Triple Complex] UT Tonic… and my sincere thanks.” - Kim S.
“I suffered from recurring [issues] as often as every 4-6 weeks for over 20 yrs. The antibiotics were getting ineffective and had badly upset my systemic balance. Initially, I tried UTI-Clear and it worked wonderfully… One year ago, I started using Triple Complex UT Tonic 3 times daily. Whenever I felt like an [issue] was starting, I added UTI-Clear. After about 3 months, I noticed that I hardly ever needed the UTI-Clear, as there were no [problems]. However, I keep it handy "just in case", especially when traveling. Thank you for lifting this curse from my life!! What a relief that I could find help…” - Elizabeth, OR, USA